Sunday, August 30, 2009

Be back soon

Be back soon - with more Astro highlights - still 'processing' the powerful Goddess New Moon just passed. Full Moon coming up at the end of next week - Sept 5th - more on that soon.

Lots of loving nurturing for self a priority!
lotsa luv

Friday, August 21, 2009


The vision so kindly given to me yesterday - of this magnificent New Moon - was of 'a gathering of the tribe' - and not just any tribe - this was the gathering of the Goddesses. I saw them sitting at the round table - gathered together in their separate teams. One team sat closely on one side of the table - the other team on the opposite side.

Often in Astrological terminology when two bodies sit opposite each other - this is considered a 'challenging' aspect.

This is not what i saw! In fact quite the opposite! I saw and 'felt' them 'coming together', 'joining forces', responding to the 'call' - the urgent need of 'healing'.
There was a concentrated atmosphere, a serious yet focused energy - these powerful women had travelled far and all had come together for only one reason - to heal our troubled times.

They all realized - in their incredible wisdom - that it would take them all coming together and joining forces for this 'feat' to be accomplished.

I 'saw' this before me, i heard them and felt them.

These are powerful times indeed - i don't believe i'll ever be the same after taking part in this 'vision'. It was a very powerful experience!

So much exists around us, so much love and support here and now for us - life's focus is to constantly love and support us.

Love to you all

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Well girls this is Goddess time!!!

When i first took a peak at the New Moon chart i muttered ' goodness gracious!' I thought 'boy, that looks significant indeed!' So i took a closer look.

As you may or may not know, New Moon time is when the Sun and Moon sit together - it's the beginning stage of the Moon's cycle. To us here on Earth the sky is dark and Moonless - or so it seems. It's a great time for starting anything new - great for planting (when the Moon's in a fertile sign) and a super great time - especially over the 3 day period of the New Moon (day before and after) - to set your intentions for the next month! It's a very fertile time, rich with new beginnings and fresh energy. Don't waste it!

But this New Moon looks really special to me - it is richly imbued with goddess symbology. The goddess energy is very strong!

And the layout of the New Moon chart is very focused - two full groupings of planets and asteroids sit opposite each other. But to me, it doesn't have that sometimes aggressive and challenging energy that can come with oppositions - there's a definite softness and sharing quality about it. I can see the soft and compliant energy ooze off the page - as if they have all come together - the two teams - and are working toward understanding and harmony.

I don't recall ever 'seeing' a chart this way before.

So sitting with the Sun and Moon on one side of the chart - one of the teams - is the Vertex! The Sun, Moon and Vertex are sitting at the exact same degree (that's about as close as you can get!). The Vertex represents a destined meeting point. There is usually some special, somewhat fated quality to the things that happen during this time of 'connection'. Vertex often attracts important or fated people into our lives.

To have the Vertex sitting so closely with the Sun and Moon at this New Moon time - is significant indeed!

Sitting together opposite this trio - in the other team - is Chiron, Neptune and Pandora - Jupiter is also with them. The grand conjunction (three sitting together) of these three - Chiron, Neptune and Jupiter is one of the major astrological highlights of 2009. Also squatting there with the big three is Pandora - Pandora brings us the gift of hope! Pandora offers hope in devastating times - she brings a powerful gift that cannot be destroyed by life's ills. She encourages us to delve into the deepest part of ourselves to tap the reservoir of faith. She reminds us that embedded in every disaster is the gift of renewal through faith and hope.

Also sitting with this team, just a little along the table - is Medea. Medea's lineage was the powerful inherited wisdom of the witch from her aunt Circe, the regal poise of a queen from her father and the ability to be all knowing from her grandfather. Medea's wise woman's knowledge of magick and mystery is powerfully transforming. She has a great capacity to understand the dialect of the unconscious as it speaks through symbols, signs, omens and metaphors. She is known as the wise one - skilled in healing and the use of herbs.

Sitting with Medea is the Path of Fortune - a significant place of 'fortune' in the chart.

Further along this team's table is the powerful Black Moon and Astraea (snugly at the same degree). Astraea was the last of the immortals to live with humans during the Golden Age. As mankind became wicked, she was the last to stay on Earth. ascending to heaven to become the constellation of Virgo. Astraea found earth so imperfect that she fled to live in the heavens. Astraea was the virgin goddess of justice, innocence and purity - during the Golden Age she dwelt upon the earth with mankind, but was driven away by the lawlessness of the late Bronze Age. Zeus then placed her amongst the stars as the constellation of Virgo - Astraea was the last goddess to leave Earth.

Sitting with Astraea is the Black Moon - she represents the awesome healing and spiritual power of our deepest connection to the mystery of the Divine Feminine. Suppressed over centuries her rage can be awesome to behold.

"Her unique power, her 'demise' at the hands of the Arian Age forces of the times, her rebellion as Adam's first wife and her subsequent demonisation by the patriarchal religions, play out in the world and the lives of women still today" Babula

"However there are clear signals that the original and essential energy of this feminine power is returning to the world at a time when the world is in much need of her" Babula

Maybe one of those time is now! She is playing a powerful part in this New Moon energy.

Sitting directly opposite Astraea and the Black Moon - on the other 'team' is Venus, Vesta and Hygieia - my god what a gathering!!! Venus as the goddess of love and beauty, residing over harmonious and equal relationships and reminding us of the importance of surrounding ourselves with beauty, in all areas of our lives. Venus uses her power of 'attraction' to draw to herself all she desires - she understands fully the principle of 'attraction' - and she uses this skill to perfection.

Vesta as 'custodian of the hearth, is central to psychic life, representing the sacred centre, the goddess who honours sacred space and protects holy images.' Vesta was a Vestal Virgin, goddess of the hearth - she tended the sacred flame. She is the embodiment of our internal and sacred space not a religious institution - honouring the authenticity of the inner life as symbolized by the spirit of the sacred flame. She embodies grace and virtue and is constant and focused.

Hygieia is the Goddess of Health - she has an intimate relationship with the serpent - recalling her link to the ancient goddesses of healing and nature. Earth and Mother goddesses were accompanied by serpents and ancient belief was they transmitted the power of healing and prophecy - a symbol of both regeneration and divination. Hygieia nurtures and tends the snake, revering its sacred power to rejuvenate and shed its old ways. She celebrates its dark, earthy force and recognizes the divine mystery of illness and health.

Also accompanying these two groups are the Nodes - adding a further destined and fated feel.

Pallas and Ceres are also a part of the Sun, Moon team - Pallas contributing her superb intelligence and wisdom, her sense of justice, her skill of healing and her accomplishments in the arts. Ceres gives of her wonderful nurturing, she knows what we need - what source of sustenance is required. She is an earth mother who presides over the cycles of fertility, birth, harvest, decay, death and rebirth - she has experienced them all, so she's acutely aware of the power of pain, loss and separation, as well as the joy of growth and expansion.

Cassandra also sits with the Sun and Moon's gathering - she is the archetype of medial knowledge, she personifies the medial woman whose intuitive facilities and understanding of unconscious patterns are not welcomed in an ordered rational society. She sees what others are fearful to see.

Just sitting a little a way from their prospective tables Pluto and Mars take a seat in opposite camps - they add power, intensity and deep manifestation to the group.

So - my god - that is quite a picture - such a powerfully concentrated gathering. I'm not sure i've ever seen one quite like this before - or is it that i just haven't 'seen' this before. Whatever - this is a major powerful New Moon - set your intentions, create your ritual - use the energy - it is powerful and it is for you.

Things may just not be the same after tomorrow - in ways that may be really significant for all - particularly for women. That the goddesses have gathered to join forces in this manner is simply mind boggling!

Well girls (and boys) happy goddess celebrations!

lotsa luv


yesterday i said that Mars and Uranus were 'sitting at opposite ends of the field" - well actually it's more like at right angled corners of the field.

They're in square aspect not opposition (i must have been snoozing whilst writing). They are still challenging each other - but rather that face on - they're like peering sideways out of the corner of their eyes.

Still being forceful with each other - they need to accept the challenge of differences and get on! As they both have great gifts to give and together they can get a lot on great new things done!

So sorry about by snoozing!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Today - 18th August (Spring is on the way, yippee!!!!!!!) and we might be pulled in different directions!

The yummy, cuddly stuff - Venus and the Moon are smooching close - relaxation, pampering, 'I wanna stay home today!' - lotsa lovely emotional nurturing!

Mercury (our mental meanderings) and Saturn (our strict father) are squatting together - so our thoughts could be kinda serious and sombre - also, being that they're sitting together is one of Mercury's favourite signs Virgo, our minds could be pretty sharp and capable of stunning focus and commitment.

Mars - our essence of action and also our inner 'warrior' is not happy with Saturn and Mercury squatting together there - he wants a bit of the action - and he can get pretty pushy! 'Back off Mercury' i say, 'get your own thing happening'. And that's exactly what he/we needs to do - create his own magick with the positive energy that Mercury and Saturn together create. Much focused and solid energy is available for use! Mars has to act or he 'implodes' - we don't want that do we? So act on all that wonderfully focused and life building thought energy that's coming to you - with love and best wishes from our three friends.

Mars and Uranus are 'heading' it off! Sitting at opposite ends of the field - they have a choice - create havoc with their opposing opinions - or join their life force together to create wondrous new and innovative approaches. Uranus contributes lotsa lovely new and often 'eye opening' or should i say 'mind opening', ways of doing things - he can be a real genius, can't you Uranus? A clever fellow you are - so joining force with Mars - tremendous innovative and new energy is available for use. See, it all depends on our focus!!!

So, we are heading toward our magickal Goddess New Moon in a couple of days - it 'feels' like a real beauty!! Get out those gorgeous goddess gowns girls and do your things. Cherish and honour the incredible Goddess within and let her speak - it is time for her to come forward. This New Moon is a powerful beginning for her presence and participation in our lives.

Don't forget to set your 'intention' for this special New Moon - everything reminding us to honour and love our self.
More on the New Moon tomorrow.

lots of love to you all


Monday, August 17, 2009


Energies continue in concentrated forms!

At present Mars is forcefully 'confronting' both Saturn and Uranus. You may have read a little on the Mars/Saturn blog just recently - but now Uranus has joined the mix - expect the unexpected!

The Moon is presently in Cancer (Aug.17th & 18th) - focus is on family matters and a pull towards the home. Still great weather for it here in Adelaide, snuggled in front of the fire! We may find ourselves seeking out 'cosy and comfortable' with the Moon in Cancer, whilst the Mars/Uranus 'challenge' could be confronting us with various options for what's conventional and accepted! Uranus never likes convention! In fact he blatantly tries to dislodge it.
These couple of days whilst Moon is in Cancer try to prioritize family time, act with heartfelt love and kindness. And as we enter the dark moon period - create time for retreat and reflection.

We're approaching the New Moon is a few days - and this one is quite powerful! The triple conjunction of Neptune, Jupiter and Chiron oppose this New Moon and the Vertex, the symbol of destined meetings, conjuncts it. Also Astraea and Lilith oppose Venus and Vesta - more on that in a couple of days - New Moon blog will be posted on Wednesday. Looks like a very 'interesting' New Moon - so prepare!

New Moons are times of beginnings so prepare yourself for the New Moon by setting your intentions - clearly and precisely before the New Moon occurs - Thursday 7.32PM Adelaide, Australia time. Keep those intentions clearly with you over the 3 day period of the New Moon. You may even like to perform a personal ritual to enhance the energy and focus of this period.

On first glance this special New Moon will be a time of particular opportunity and 'chance' and destined meetings. The 'raging', wounded psyche of the female may come out for a roar - or at least be wanting to make her presence felt.

Where in you has your 'raging', wounded goddess been silenced and buried? Can you feel it in your body? A super great time for any kind of 'uncovering' therapy.

There appears to be a strong goddess energy about this coming New Moon - and the repressed 'angry' side of her may want to be heard. She may offer you avenues of healing and discovery or she may remind you of things buried long ago.

More in a few days - but till then - prepare for and receive the bountiful energies available.

much love to you

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Saturn and Mars square is exact today - so all day, path of least resistance sounds a good idea! Cruise, cruise, cruise - relax, lie back put your feet up - chill out!

What lessons do they bring? Can't force anything - can't force life, we ain't that powerful! Life unfolds at it's own natural pace - it is connected to divine intelligence it knows how and what to do.

The Deva-line Flower Essence Honeysuckle would be a great ally today!

Honeysuckle 'promotes understanding of ‘natural timing’. That everything flowers in it’s own time, that forcing & grabbing only create frustration, impatience & difficulties. That life force is propelling all direction & we need to be in sync with that. Everything happens in it’s own time beautifully & effortlessly – let go, let ‘flower’'.

The Deva-line Flower Essence brochure in July archives on this site.

So have a great day and use the amazing energy given to us to learn and grow -to appreciate more and more the wondrous life we've been given.

lotsa luv to you all


Monday, August 10, 2009


Moon in Aries for a couple of days - time for stretching, out of the gorgeous dream laden sleep of the Pisces Moon, into gettin into doin!

Was a beautiful Pisces Moon weekend - lazy, hazy days cocooned in comfort and safety - free to explore the imagination! My favourite Moon!

Well it's Monday and the Moon's full of energy, fresh into Aries - 0 degrees 42 minutes to be exact! She's gathering her strength, stretching those muscles, coming back to 'reality' (from her dream-state) and is ready, ready for action!

Moon in Aries adds extra strength to all that Mars (and Saturn) energy around at present - it could mean that the way you feel inside (Moon), your feelings and emotions are pretty much in sync with the 'general' vibe around!

I guess the energy is useful for a Monday - just take your time, don't get too overheated, spoon out dollops of kindness and streams of patience - and you should be able to get a lot done.

I haven't left the house yet - still 'trying' to hang on to my Pisces mood - let go Marilyn and get with the action.

It will be an interesting coupla days (Aries is my challenge!!).

much love

Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Wisdom Project

The Wisdom Project by Andrew Zuckerman



Saturn and Mars are 'challenging' each other is the sky at present. In Astro jargon they are 'squaring' each other - at a 90 degree aspect to each other. This is a challenging aspect and is hard to ignore - it's sort of 'in your face' type vibe.

As you may or may not know, Mars has to do with action - action, action, action - and he likes his own way, he can be a wee bit forceful in his enthusiastic push ahead. He likes action and adventure - NOW! He doesn't have a lot of patience for standing around. He's got stuff to do and he's doing it.

Mars is sitting in the constellation of Gemini at present - which means, his 'action' is very mentally oriented. There's a lot going on 'up stairs' so to speak, a lot going thru the old cerebellum. Thoughts, thoughts and more thoughts - and those ideas are demanding immediate action! Some Skullcap tea might be helpful at present - at the very lease Chamomile! I'd be opting for Skullcap myself, kerpow, like air being deflated from a balloon - it relaxs almost instantly!

So why do we need to keep a rein on that overactive mentality? To protect your brain number one - and also that, oh so delicate, nervous system.

So suffice to say it's a 'heady' time. But now add Saturn to the mix! Saturn at any time can be a handful, but when he decides to get 'heavy' well god help us! He is the master of heavy! Heavy, heavy, heavy he can become. He has his good points, don't get me wrong, but when he's grumpy, he can make things very difficult.

So Saturn and Mars are in the ring and applying their full force - what can that mean? Well for a start i'd be steering clear of all or any aggro at present - don't even entertain the thought of picking a fight - no matter how teeny. Pour on the sweetness and light - the gentleness and love - make it thick. You could notice people being a little testy at present - they are! So you be the beacon of love and light - even if sometimes you wanna smash em!

What are the good things about this dance - well let me think! I'm thinking, i'm thinking - hold on!!! There's gotta be some good! Just joking, of course there is - just have to turn on my Mars in Gemini and search the greying matter of my grey matter - for them.

Found some! For a start, Mars and Saturn have to cool it a bit and see the glorious strengths in each other! My first reaction to that was 'boy! Can they really do that!' Then i thought 'of course they can, don't we live in the magick of the limitless, all pervading space of divine intelligence?' Yeah! Of course it's possible!!

So Mars is all about action, action, action and Saturn is all about 'doing it right, the first time!' It 'appears' that Saturn tries to stuff it all up by continually putting up resistance and creating obstacles - but he ain't really! He just wants and needs to have it right!! First time! No building these huge creations on sand - what a complete waste of time (which Saturn rules!) - 'cause they'll fall down and have to be rebuilt again. Saturn hates wasting time - he knows its importance. So he'll make bloody sure it's done right the first time, even if that means obstacle after obstacle, block after block, resistance after resistance.

But we've got patience, haven't we? To build our lives right? To employ the utmost care and consideration in the choice of our building materials? There is absolutely no use in complaining or getting frustrated - 'cause with Saturn there are no shortcuts! "None?" "That's right none!"

So as always - the bountiful mercy of the creator has bestowed on us the ability to choose - and we have discovered, this 'choice' creates our life. So now you have the 'facts' (from Marilyn's perspective!!!) how are you going to choose to act with Saturn by your side? If i were you, i probably wouldn't be in a hurry to do anything at present - except to be clear!

The magick of life is helping us constantly - what an impressive world we live in.

lotsa luv to you all

Friday, August 7, 2009


Hi - dah.h.h.h. mean't Marilyn's Magick Moments!

Thursday, August 6, 2009


Today is Eclipse Time! 10.26am Adelaide time (where i sit) - and 10.56 am Eastern Oz time!
It is also the time of LAMMAS today - the 3rd cross quarter day - the midpoints of the Solstice and Equinox times. The LAMMAS point is 15 degrees Leo (my Pluto!!!! and probably a few other baby boomers!) and that's around 2pm today.

In 'old' times the cross quarter days were understood to be the most powerful energy portals of the year! The rhythm of the seasons runs deep in our bones - whether we are conscious of it or not.

So - how can i, how can you use this energy to assist with the transformation that is now pounding on our doors?

The divine intelligence, Mother Nature, works always toward balance and unity, cohesion and sustainability. Her focus is for life and regeneration.

This powerful time has been given to us to use - now - see it, feel it, use it!!
Use it to help you make the changes that now confront you - use this magickal time for healing.

Mother Nature's magick is with us always - she is powerful beyond measure - she holds, cradles and nurtures the intelligence for growth and sustainability.

It is well beyond time that we stop and listen to her! She may not remain so patient.

Have a super wonderful day - yes it may get a little intense at times - but use this intensity - take the reins of your life and direct it into the spot of your choosing. You have that power!

lots of love to you all

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Floating in calm waters

Learning from our friends!

I really like ducks - and i really like water - i took a whole lot of shots of ducks gliding above the water on a beautiful sunny day in the magnificent area of Nth NSW.
They (ducks) always look so relaxed as they glide across the top of the water - with the occasional dunking to get some food! They don't appear to have a worry in the world - just enjoying the day! And i enjoy the day watching them.

I'm not sure if the calm looking waters in the photo above are really symbolic of the waters on which we find ourselves at present, attempting to cross - are they calm, are they choppy or is it all just our perception?

Being an Astrologer, i can't help but feel the 'disruptive' energies from our powerful neighbours. Not disruption for its own sake - but the need to break open the destructive illusion in which we've ensconced ourselves. The energies being created by the movement of the planets in our solar system at present - particularly those of the outer planets - are major indeed. It's quite possible that what is occurring at present hasn't happened, if ever, in a very, very long time. Yes, every time is unique - but these times are beyond anything we could have imagined. Yes, they are big indeed!

So how do we steer ourselves across this rampant body of water? What tools do we have at our disposal to use? How can we assure our success?

Certain structures are obviously needed in our lives - our personal lives and our collective lives. The real purpose of any structure is to support that which it has been created for. The purpose always has to be for the continuance and safety of life - for the happiness and enjoyment of all the participants - for the evolvement and growth of all involved and for the protection of the planet on which we live and also our interplanetary neighbours.

Do our structures work in this way? Or do they work to support and nourish only 'certain parts' of the whole?

This is crunch time! It 'seems' we, as a collective here on Earth, have 'gotten away' with a lot of 'sins'. Seems we are invincible, can do whatever we like, like tyrants, with no consideration for the consequences. Gladly and sadly (for some) this time has come to an end.

This is not just gobble-gi-gook from crazy 'alternative' or 'new age' soothsayers - this is happening!

And i reckon most people, especially in the 'western culture' are 'sensing' that big changes are on the way.

Here in the west we've just become greedy - hypnotized by the capital culture to 'have more' - to 'be' someone - to show we've 'achieved' something. At what cost has this come? Most and foremost at the cost of the Earth. What have we done to her? Raped her, that's what! And we continue? Have you seen those gaping bloody holes in the earth - the barren, broken, treeless lands, the parched landscapes, the diseased vegetation and the fields, upon fields, upon fields, upon fields, upon fields, upon fields of GM brightly coloured, weed free crops - magically growing with only rain fall (pull the other leg) - all of these sites are simply heartbreaking for those with hearts.

Have you heard the Earth cry? I have and i was surprised! I thought because i had European heritage and white skin that the land didn't talk to me. But it did - i heard it's cry, it crushed my heart, i cried. 'What have they done to you?' i muttered

I wrote

I heard it speak
it said to me
"I hurt, I'm in pain
look what they've done to me"

Quite unexpected it came
a city girl i've often been
didn't expect the land to speak to me

The heart within me felt the pain
the same life sustains us both

"Oh my god!" i said

tears came to my eyes
"why have they done this to you?"

Human beings
where has our feeling gone?

Awaken, awaken
the danger time has come

Treaty. . . . .now

written in Palmwoods, Mullumbimby 1993

16yrs have passed since then - what have we learnt and what have we done in these last 16yrs - built empires, acquired massive wealth, raped the land again and again and again and again.

The danger time has really now come!!!

Time for a genuine shift in our paradigm - no more energy for the old, not without a lot of struggle - shift our direction, our focus to the birth of the new, life focused on the living.

lotsa luv to you all