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Well girls this is Goddess time!!!

When i first took a peak at the New Moon chart i muttered ' goodness gracious!' I thought 'boy, that looks significant indeed!' So i took a closer look.

As you may or may not know, New Moon time is when the Sun and Moon sit together - it's the beginning stage of the Moon's cycle. To us here on Earth the sky is dark and Moonless - or so it seems. It's a great time for starting anything new - great for planting (when the Moon's in a fertile sign) and a super great time - especially over the 3 day period of the New Moon (day before and after) - to set your intentions for the next month! It's a very fertile time, rich with new beginnings and fresh energy. Don't waste it!

But this New Moon looks really special to me - it is richly imbued with goddess symbology. The goddess energy is very strong!

And the layout of the New Moon chart is very focused - two full groupings of planets and asteroids sit opposite each other. But to me, it doesn't have that sometimes aggressive and challenging energy that can come with oppositions - there's a definite softness and sharing quality about it. I can see the soft and compliant energy ooze off the page - as if they have all come together - the two teams - and are working toward understanding and harmony.

I don't recall ever 'seeing' a chart this way before.

So sitting with the Sun and Moon on one side of the chart - one of the teams - is the Vertex! The Sun, Moon and Vertex are sitting at the exact same degree (that's about as close as you can get!). The Vertex represents a destined meeting point. There is usually some special, somewhat fated quality to the things that happen during this time of 'connection'. Vertex often attracts important or fated people into our lives.

To have the Vertex sitting so closely with the Sun and Moon at this New Moon time - is significant indeed!

Sitting together opposite this trio - in the other team - is Chiron, Neptune and Pandora - Jupiter is also with them. The grand conjunction (three sitting together) of these three - Chiron, Neptune and Jupiter is one of the major astrological highlights of 2009. Also squatting there with the big three is Pandora - Pandora brings us the gift of hope! Pandora offers hope in devastating times - she brings a powerful gift that cannot be destroyed by life's ills. She encourages us to delve into the deepest part of ourselves to tap the reservoir of faith. She reminds us that embedded in every disaster is the gift of renewal through faith and hope.

Also sitting with this team, just a little along the table - is Medea. Medea's lineage was the powerful inherited wisdom of the witch from her aunt Circe, the regal poise of a queen from her father and the ability to be all knowing from her grandfather. Medea's wise woman's knowledge of magick and mystery is powerfully transforming. She has a great capacity to understand the dialect of the unconscious as it speaks through symbols, signs, omens and metaphors. She is known as the wise one - skilled in healing and the use of herbs.

Sitting with Medea is the Path of Fortune - a significant place of 'fortune' in the chart.

Further along this team's table is the powerful Black Moon and Astraea (snugly at the same degree). Astraea was the last of the immortals to live with humans during the Golden Age. As mankind became wicked, she was the last to stay on Earth. ascending to heaven to become the constellation of Virgo. Astraea found earth so imperfect that she fled to live in the heavens. Astraea was the virgin goddess of justice, innocence and purity - during the Golden Age she dwelt upon the earth with mankind, but was driven away by the lawlessness of the late Bronze Age. Zeus then placed her amongst the stars as the constellation of Virgo - Astraea was the last goddess to leave Earth.

Sitting with Astraea is the Black Moon - she represents the awesome healing and spiritual power of our deepest connection to the mystery of the Divine Feminine. Suppressed over centuries her rage can be awesome to behold.

"Her unique power, her 'demise' at the hands of the Arian Age forces of the times, her rebellion as Adam's first wife and her subsequent demonisation by the patriarchal religions, play out in the world and the lives of women still today" Babula

"However there are clear signals that the original and essential energy of this feminine power is returning to the world at a time when the world is in much need of her" Babula

Maybe one of those time is now! She is playing a powerful part in this New Moon energy.

Sitting directly opposite Astraea and the Black Moon - on the other 'team' is Venus, Vesta and Hygieia - my god what a gathering!!! Venus as the goddess of love and beauty, residing over harmonious and equal relationships and reminding us of the importance of surrounding ourselves with beauty, in all areas of our lives. Venus uses her power of 'attraction' to draw to herself all she desires - she understands fully the principle of 'attraction' - and she uses this skill to perfection.

Vesta as 'custodian of the hearth, is central to psychic life, representing the sacred centre, the goddess who honours sacred space and protects holy images.' Vesta was a Vestal Virgin, goddess of the hearth - she tended the sacred flame. She is the embodiment of our internal and sacred space not a religious institution - honouring the authenticity of the inner life as symbolized by the spirit of the sacred flame. She embodies grace and virtue and is constant and focused.

Hygieia is the Goddess of Health - she has an intimate relationship with the serpent - recalling her link to the ancient goddesses of healing and nature. Earth and Mother goddesses were accompanied by serpents and ancient belief was they transmitted the power of healing and prophecy - a symbol of both regeneration and divination. Hygieia nurtures and tends the snake, revering its sacred power to rejuvenate and shed its old ways. She celebrates its dark, earthy force and recognizes the divine mystery of illness and health.

Also accompanying these two groups are the Nodes - adding a further destined and fated feel.

Pallas and Ceres are also a part of the Sun, Moon team - Pallas contributing her superb intelligence and wisdom, her sense of justice, her skill of healing and her accomplishments in the arts. Ceres gives of her wonderful nurturing, she knows what we need - what source of sustenance is required. She is an earth mother who presides over the cycles of fertility, birth, harvest, decay, death and rebirth - she has experienced them all, so she's acutely aware of the power of pain, loss and separation, as well as the joy of growth and expansion.

Cassandra also sits with the Sun and Moon's gathering - she is the archetype of medial knowledge, she personifies the medial woman whose intuitive facilities and understanding of unconscious patterns are not welcomed in an ordered rational society. She sees what others are fearful to see.

Just sitting a little a way from their prospective tables Pluto and Mars take a seat in opposite camps - they add power, intensity and deep manifestation to the group.

So - my god - that is quite a picture - such a powerfully concentrated gathering. I'm not sure i've ever seen one quite like this before - or is it that i just haven't 'seen' this before. Whatever - this is a major powerful New Moon - set your intentions, create your ritual - use the energy - it is powerful and it is for you.

Things may just not be the same after tomorrow - in ways that may be really significant for all - particularly for women. That the goddesses have gathered to join forces in this manner is simply mind boggling!

Well girls (and boys) happy goddess celebrations!

lotsa luv

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