Wednesday, January 16, 2013

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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

As this new cycle begins


As this new cycle begins. . .on this day of the Autumn Equinox. . .I honour Athene.  She gives power, she gives strength, she gives protection, she gives wisdom, she gives justice, she gives healing. . . and she gives the gift of creativity.  May we take her gifts and blessings with us into this new cycle. . .to create a new life of wholeness. . . . .

much love marilynxxx

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Virgo Full Moon & Day of the Divine Feminine

The Day of the Goddess

That the Goddess Full Moon falls on the socially celebrated International Women's Day. . .in 2012. . .I believe is significant.

The 'world' is crying out for loving, caring, protecting and nurturing. . . .the qualities of the Divine Feminine.

2012 is quite a year, with alternate realities spinning in circles. . .the past, the present, the future, the imagined. . .overlapping each other, all in motion.  Grounding so important, when so much is happening.

Virgo is known as an Earth sign, but she differs from Taurus and Capricorn. . .she's a Goddess, so her familiarity lies with the divine. . .she tries to manifest this in the physical. . .her ideals are lofty, like her polarity friend Pisces. . .she 'sees' the divine in all. . .her natural tendency is purity. . .in thought and word and deed.  She continually strives to manifest this ideal, she's not always comfortable with the physical, in particular the grossest form of manifestation, so familiar in our current living.

She lives on a level somewhat elevated. . .this often makes her appear aloof. . but she has kindness in her heart and healing as her focus. . .she was sent here to improve.  She gets lonely at times, there aren't many like her, but she agreed on the terms of her visit. . she's not your 'normal' human, she's a Goddess. . .but you need to have eyes to see it.

So she often struggles here on Earth. . .it all seems so gross!  And she tries so hard to purify. . .she's often at a loss to understand the ways and means of others. You need to understand where she's come from, to understand her focus.

So it's the Full Moon of the Goddess. . .the Moon being the Mother. . .so lots of delicious Divine Feminine. . .and then add International Woman's Day. . . this is a special day, of 2012, to  celebrate and honour the Divine Feminine in all her glory.

It's her energy we're missing. . .in these gross worlds we've built. . .the balance is obvious to most these days. . .thing is, something needs to be done about it.  Yes Virgo is an Earth sign, she's not afraid of hard work. . .she also doesn't need applause, she just wants to get on with the job.  She knows what's she's doing. . .and she just want to get on with it.

So in this very unbalanced and unhealthy world. . .we as humans find ourselves in. . .the Goddess comes to remind us. . .there's work to be done. . . of a specific nature.  Purity needs to be pulled down from the heavens. . .healing needs to happen on Earth. . .discrimination is required on a moment to moment basis. . .our choices and decisions need to be constantly monitored.  

The Divine Mother's arms are long and wide. . .enough room for us all. . .she gently shows us the 'right' way of responding. . .she teaches us how to live our life. . .she nurtures, she loves, she cares, she feeds, she gives shelter and her love. . .she wipes the worries away, she is always there. . .she gave us birth, in the beginning.

So take a moment to reflect. . .on this quiet but powerful day. . .remember Virgo doesn't require fanfare . . . .she just quietly gets on with the job.  So don't wait to hear the drum roll or something to grab your attention. . .you need to stop, listen and feel. . .and you will see her as clearly as day.

There is so much more to life. . .than we could ever comprehend with our minds. . . a magick unsurpassed, a creation divine in it's making.

I am left with gratitude and thanks. . .for everything I am given.

Have a wonderful Full Moon in Virgo Goddess Day. . .celebrate the Divine Feminine. . .without her, we wouldn't have been given life. . .in the huge time of renewal we find ourselves in. . . stop, be still and listen. . . to what is really going on. . . take your focus away from the Maya, for a moment. . .and see the magick happening all around you.

Lots of love to you all

Friday, January 20, 2012

Reviewing Our Values

Looking at the New Moon approaching. . .in a couple of days. . . .an Aquarius New Moon in early degrees. . . so fresh and ready for change! So look out for lots of new ways of doing things in the month ahead. . . .innovation is available.

One of the major players in planetary environment at present. . .is Mars, preparing for his retrograde journey.  He's been sitting in Virgo. . .since last November, close to the Full Moon on the 11/11/11. . . so his journey is significant. Mars in Virgo, taking care of the details. . .everyone needs to be 'right' before commencing the journey.  Mars may not be too comfortable here, it's not his speed, all these details drive him mad. . . .so he could be feeling a little frustrated. . . .take care on the roads.

But before any journey. . .especially one of significance. . . .everything needs to be double checked, cleaned and polished. . . to provide the optimum environment for success and abundance.

So details, looking over the fine print. . .getting all those tools in perfect order. . . cause there's a big journey ahead, for all of us.

You see it's all perfect, if we could only see, the rhythm of life. . .we just need to get in tune.

Only hours before the Aquarius New Moon, Mars goes stationary. . . increasing his 'brooding'. . .his energy is being stopped. . .he may not be very happy with this. . .you know how Mars is. . . .all the way 'GO'.  So again take care with all you do.

Then Mars goes retrograde (backward motion) just after the New Moon. . . .his influence over this next month's cycle will be very significant.
An opportunity for us all. . .to review our 'actions'. . .what motivates us 'to do' things. . . the health of our vital energy. . .what fuels our body. . . .so yes folks more learning. . . .

Pluto is making headway into Capricorn. . .January, being Capricorns month. . .transformational energy has permeated. . .how do we respond to transformation. . . head on. . .or escaping. . . .what are our habits. . .

So all this focus on the New Moon approaching. . .which by the way, affects us all individually. . . got me thinking about Dharma. . . our individual 'purpose'.
I guess with Mars/Action and Capricorn/Building. . . and just about to enter Aquarius. . . the Human Beings and our future. . . . .it was Dharma that presented itself to be looked at!

I wrote. . . .Dharma is a powerful force. . .everyone has a gift and their need is 'to get on with it'. 

Attempting to fight this Dharma. . .causes all sorts of problems. . . physically, mentally, emotionally and environmentally.

A powerful force. . .the finger of fate. . put together by the 'Creator'. . .you need to get out there and do it.  'Playing your part' is something that has been mentioned by a few lately.

We're like an orchestra. . .each with a Divine sound. . .each with our own rhythm. . .when we play our music. . . magick happens!
You see there is such a thing as 'magick', it's happening all the time - but to allow it to come forth. . .we need to be planted firmly within ourselves.

Yes, the doubts come. . .how could they not - societies conditioning ain't been crash hot!  Our senses have been confused, with illusion and lies. . without the Heart at the centre - all will is lost.

We were created in a specific way, with Heart at the centre. . without the right co-ordinates. . .the vehicle malfunctions.  A central system was created for the body, to control it's fine motor - a sophisticated system was created.

But you see, it all depends on where it's operated from, if it goes off course - malfunctioning occurs. . .and we received distorted messages.

Then the Divine vehicle becomes confused. . .and operates in an out-of-control manner.  The BIG danger here. . .that the person is unaware of this.

'He' thinks it's him 'in control' of his doing - but with a malfunctioning software. . .'he's' way of course, without even knowing.

So how do we get back on course. . .operate as intended. . .

Only centred in Heart energy - will real life manifest.

So much depends on this.  . . .

much love to you all

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Like I said. . .'The Year of Personal Power'. . . .yippee. . . .

A section of an article on the November Eclipse. . .by Robert Wilkinson at

"we enter into a highly educative period for the next 2 1/2 months, see what responsibilities might be enjoyable for you to take on - see how you can get a larger sense of your ability to contribute to a greater work, and get ready to role!

With Jupiter and Uranus both moving forward before Xmas, this shows a greater wave has begun to get in motion.

There's a transcendent security waiting for those who have prepared and things will speed up considerably for the next 3 months.
There's new freedom to be lived. . . .so go for it. . . .

Thanks Robert. . . .xx

As I said. . . just confirmed what I was 'seeing'. . . .2012 'The Year of Personal Power'. . . .  so folks. . .trust those instincts. . .stand tall, accept gracefully the many gifts you were given, they are mighty - and get out there and share them. . . .we are all waiting. . . .the new world is unfolding. . .

Discipline in keeping our focus. . . .on the beauty. . .don't let it tempt me to let it in. . . .it has no place in the sanctuary of my temple. . . .

Only life, love, beauty, harmony, wellness and wholeness. . . .admitted. . .

much love to you all

Sunday, December 18, 2011


To add more blessings to this significant time. . . .a New Moon on the 25th, the day the Sun begins his new journey. . . .and Jupiter going direct the following day. . . .so stationary and powerful on the 25th.

These are blessing upon blessings. . . .a truly special beginning to a special year. . .absorb the many blessed rays of life and bounty. 

 Create your life with your focus, the seeds have been planted and the foundations created, this all happened during our current momentous year. . . .the flowering is now what we prepare to feast our eyes on.

The New Moon creating brand new growth, growth that will be visible, the radiant mountain of personal power glimmering in the rays of the Sun's new journey. A very special day. . .to be still and feel. . .your heart will swell with gratitude.. . . and with Jupiter's bountiful growth and blessings truly filling the molecules in the air. . . .your greatest self is being called to be conscious, at last. . . .this time will be remembered for generations upon generations. . . .and we are here to embrace it and contribute to it. . . .

great gratitude the only response here. . . . .much love to you all. . marilynxxx


Well, we're on the countdown to. . . the very last days of 2011. . . .phew.w.w.w we made it!  That in itself could be the focus of this celebratory season.
Yes, it's been BIG. . . .but I guess it had to be. . had to prepare us for the year of 'Personal Power'.
The words 'came to me' while asking what kind of year 2012 will be; and it fit like a snug cap. . .the answer ringing true and accurate.

That we are still alive, breathing and doing is a miracle. . . .the miracle of all miracles. . .but especially after the many trials of 2011. . . .much gratitude can be expressed for bringing us this far on our journey.

It's been like an 'initiation' - into what. . . .well, that awaits us. . . but one thing I'm sure. . .and that is, that your own very special Personal Power will be fully formed and available to you.

It's always difficult to predict the future. . .as many moments are born till that time, every one a choice, every one destined, everyone full of Universal Life Force.  The sky above gives us some hints. . .the planets show us how they'll be operating. . .but it's only that inner voice in each and every one of us. . .that will give you a peak, lifting the curtain, ever so slightly, on your future.

Well some of us will celebrate Christmas and New Year, some of us will celebrate the Solstice. . .but intuitively we all know that a special time is occurring, a time worthy of celebration.  I like to celebrate the Solstice. . .the journey of our great Sun, he allows us life on Earth, his rays feed all life on this planet.

In the 'old' days people held in reverence, these planets that allowed us life. . . .modern times have different beliefs. . .we have choice in what we follow.
But it's obvious the role the Sun plays on this planet, our home, this Earth. . . .this glorious blue ball that dances round the Sun. . .chosen as a very special place to accommodate human beings. . . on their journey to Awakening.

Yes, we are incredible blessed to be living on this sacred planet. . .chosen by the 'Creator', nothing but the best for us Earthlings.  And we're blessed to live in the lands that we do, all so unique and special. . .all having a purpose in the grand plan, all having special gifts to share with the collective.
I live in Australia. . .a very Sacred Land, a deeply, deeply spiritual land. . . an Ancient Land. . . .with so many stories. The original caretakers, the oldest civilization on Earth.

So, the journey of the Sun is celebrated by the Solstices and Equinoxes. . .the Summer Solstice here in the south is on the 22nd December. . .for us here in the south it's the longest day of the year, a day when our exposure to the Sun is at its very maximum. . . .from this peak it begins it's change of direction, turning to face the south. . .and then by the 25th the birth of a new journey.

I love watching the Sun move across the sky, from our summer to our winter. . . every bit of garden gets a turn to be directly immersed in it's loving embrace. . . .powerful energy, Sun energy. . . it allows growth for all that's living.

For our brothers and sisters in the Northern Hemisphere. . .the 25th begins the Sun's journey to the north. . . but for each of us, it's a celebration, of the magnificent Sun's journey in our life. . . a time to stop and give thanks for his incredible contribution. . .we wouldn't be here without him.

We're having a small gathering here in the Border country of NSW. . .a place rich in Ancestral energy,. . . a time of focusing on Sun's energy. How could you celebrate this day. . . . amongst all the other festivities.

Life, as we know, is precious. . . .without, nothing would ever be possible. . . the Great Life Force keeps us here. . .but the Sun makes it physically possible.

Spend some time remembering your blessings.

And for this magnifico 2012 approaching - packed with oodles of glorious, REAL power. . .the power of love, the power of beauty, the power of clarity, the power of creativity, the power of wisdom. . . . .the power of life on this planet.

much love to you all. . . .and may the blessing continue to fall upon you