Sunday, January 31, 2010

Firey Full Moon stimulating our passions!

Did you see the big Full Moon in the sky last night?  Simply glamorous in true Leo style.  It was a 'perigree' Full Moon - meaning it's at it's closest proximity to the Earth - why it's so big and beautiful - and powerful too!

Her message for you - to connect with and unleash the powerful creative fire which burns in your belly.

This is the biggest Full Moon of the year and with a potent beginning month to our wonderful 2010 - this augers a powerfully active, creative year.  The time for sitting on the fence or in the deep comfey couch has come to an end.  And if we try to extend our lazy, hazy days - things will surely come undone!

As i daily wrote in my journal and dated the page i couldn't help noticing the number of 1's - yes it was/is January, the first month - but the number 1 seemed significant somehow - it looked to be presenting again and again.  I feel it's influence will become obvious in 2010. 

A year of beginnings, of action, assertion and leadership.  A time to take firm hold of the reins of our lives and with steady and intent purpose steer it to our heart's desire.

We are the no. 1 in our life - the action, the purpose and the new beginnings need to begin with each one of us - our own personal and courageous journey to sever the tentacles that draw us into death, decay and boredom - creating new connections to all that is living, growing, evolving and inspiring.

This Full Moon - another treat from our gorgeous Cosmos - presents us with the energy, inspiration and the stirrings within our belly, to create our own unique visions - now is the time.

2010 is a year of doing - a year of creating - a year of presenting the magnificence of your being!

No one more perfect than Leo to support us in this endeavour!

Mars - our dear inspirer of action is still doing his retro back step, i always sense he must feel a little uncomfortable with this step - but his energy has to be expressed somehow, so if backwards is the only way - then backward it is.  So backwards for us dear friends - what steps has dear Mars been helping you retrace, what old lanes have you had to revist, what overgrown pathways have you had to scramble your way thru?  What ways in which you use your energy needs to be reviewed, revamped or resurrected?

Mars will be in Leo for an extra long period of time - about 8 months - 3 of those months will be in retro, reviewing all actions.

Mars in Leo is all about actively creating - bringing those creative visions into the physical - acting on those inspirations.  Mars in Leo is all about passion!!

So Mars plays a significant role in this Full Moon - he's squatting close to dear Mother Moon and 'opposing' our Sun, Black Moon and Venus.  It's rare for the Full Moon to align so tightly with Mars - so his influence is strong!

Mars, like the number 1 - is all about action, assertion, passion, leadership - getting on with it!

Also with the Black Moon and Venus sitting with the Sun - this appears to me to be opening the curtain a peak on old deep and painful parts of your core inner being.

We can no longer allow these past 'ghosts' to hinder our unfoldment into our glorious uniqueness - the world awaits us, each one of us!

These are very special times, dear friends, now is the time to confidently pull open the curtain, and see the ghosts for what they are - memories, only memories.  With renewed strength and courage, put on your true costume, your true identity, approach the stage, hear the comforting echos of the audience's applause as they await your presence - they have been patiently waiting.

The time for 'you' is now!  Everything and everyone is waiting - up off the coach, open the curtains, push up the windows allow the incredible air to sweep thru your whole environment - time for creation is here, time for 'you' has come - these are very exciting times indeed!

Do something now!

lotsa luv to you all