Monday, July 13, 2009

How far does it go back?

I took the photo of this beautiful rose on the first day of 2009 - i thought it was a beautiful symbol for the first day of the year - a year, which i sensed, could most likely have it's challenges. I'm normally a positively focused person but it did give me the 'shivers' when i glanced at the Astro chart for new years day - a lot of healing was obviously in store.

Orange is the colour of the Sacral Chakra and to me represents creativity - pure creativity - such a beautiful colour.

Only a little while ago, i noticed that the bare winter branches of the trees outside my window were budding - we are only in the second month of winter (here in Sth Oz)- so still cold, but nature's begun her rebirth - i find that simply amazing! Such enthusiasm, trust and faith in life manifests all around us. That she continues in her cycles of life with the fresh creation of new life. Boy can we ever learn from her.
In the midst of this cold, wet winters day, fresh buds are blooming - now that's a miracle!

It filled me with a sense of reverence to see those gentle buds forming - a deep sense of respect and awe at the majesty that surrounds us.

'How far does it go back' was a reference to the 'sense' of roots within me - those feelings that some things from others, in other times, have come with me into my life. I guess that can be explained in may ways - DNA, inherited traits, past life memories etc.

I see them more as energy - forms of energy - whether mental, emotional or even physical - live on. Once energy is created it lives, passing thru generations, until consciously addressed and completed.

Everything has a life process and form and when something is created, it cannot be destroyed, only altered.

So how far do i go back? I don't know, i do 'remember' things, i 'see' things that certainly are not related to now - some very long ago. What are they? I don't know. But i do sense that i carry who came before me - only for a reason - to complete the journey they began and couldn't finish.
If we don't 'complete' the journey we started - we'll leave it to those who 'inherit' it - do we want to pass on that burden?

Complete what you started with love and compassion - there is no place for fear in this life, only love and forgiveness will banish the 'yukkies' - i certainly don't want to pass on any yukkies. That takes courage, honesty and willingness to heal any misunderstandings.


Monday, July 6, 2009

Deva-line Flower Essence Brochure

Flower Essences

Created by Marilyn Scott
How can Flower Essences help with fluctuating emotional states and times of turbulent change?
Balanced emotions & objective thinking are needed to act with clarity and surety.

Helps us to see beyond our perceived differences, which keep us separate. Elevates us to a clearer heart vision, our horizons expand, we can grow beyond our subjective state to a broader vision and greater freedom – beyond our own ‘realities’.
Blue Water Lily
Brings to the surface those feelings which lay deep in the unconscious. Brings to the light our deepest emotions, seeing their divine purpose in our lives. Gives us clarity and perspective.
Abundance, creativity, Heart joy, personal power. From the heart, feel abundant creative power. Camellia has a powerful creative energy and a strong sense of self. She’s bright, happy, free and imbued with an ancient childlike joy.
Cosmo. . . . Mauve
Affects the throat chakra, allowing us to speak
our truth. Helps dissolve throat blockages,
allowing communication to be more in tune with ourself. Helps with being assertive & following own path. Connects throat & heart centres.
Cosmo. . . . White
Helps clarify the vision by clearing the voice so that our precious wisdom can be expressed clearly. Gives strength to work hard to gather knowledge needed to plant seeds & watch them sprout wisdom & understanding. Helps us to overcome shyness when approaching others
What is my destiny, where should I go? It’s all inside you, the answers you seek, and all will unfold. Listen carefully when you speak, you are giving directions, the road map is clear.
Destiny helps you to know what you know.
Faerie Folk
Nature’s guardians guide and protect you. ‘We walk with you’, don’t be afraid, to explore new roads and discover new ground. Stability of the Earth grounds you on your travels; you’re free to fly to unexplored heights and worlds unseen.
Ushers in new beginnings in learning, travelling to higher realms of knowledge & understanding powerful energy is available to delve deeply, uncovering ageless wisdom. Promotes understanding of relationship of macro & micro
Greek Basil
Helps to uncover deep family connections. For long standing wounds, healing family karma. This evolves family energetics to a higher level, enabling a celebration of unity & growth. Uncovers the true, vibrant family essence.
Grevillea Snow
Stimulating the circulation of energy throughout the body, by dissolving energy blocks along the spine. Clearing energy channels so the whole system can circulate more freely. With blockages freed we can stand straight in our purpose and firm in our foundations, we can feel supported by life & free to fulfil our destiny.
Promotes understanding of ‘natural timing’. That everything flowers in its own time, that forcing & grabbing only create frustration, impatience & difficulties. That life force is propelling all direction & we need to be in sync with that. Everything happens in it’s own time beautifully & effortlessly – let go, let ‘flower’.
Allows you to care for yourself, without guilt!
Not sacrificing the self for others. Become familiar with your own power and manifest your dreams, fulfilling your true purpose. You can love, nurture & pamper yourself, relax & receive claim your power, manifest your gifts.
Helps calm feelings of restlessness, lack of direction & scattered energies. Grounds & stabilises the mind helping to clarify focus & direction. Grounds excess energy.
Little Purple Wildflower
Ushers in new beginnings, new cycles of purity, innocence & joy to journey forward. Born at the Spring Equinox, a time of renewal, she has a special potency for transformation. She is wild, she is free to be in her own beauty.
Little Yellow Flower
Nurtures innocence, especially in times of intense growth. Infuses the mind with rays of sunshine. Helps us with courage, to let go of our fears, which keep us prisoners of ourself. Encourages us to trust our childlike spontaneity and enthusiasm. Helps us to trust ourself so we can trust others.
Poppy. . . . . . Pink
Be flexible and go with the ‘wind’, uncovering the gift of visionary site, bringing dreams & visions of healing – helps us to see what needs healing in ourself – to ‘see’ beyond the obsessive, compulsive & addictive behaviours to what we really need and crave.
Poppy. . . . . Red
Brings us dreams & visions of beauty, elegance
& wonder, visions of other dimensions. Her beauty is intoxicating – thus she helps us with our own addictions. To lift the veil between the real & imagined so we can see what we really crave & how we can create it here on earth.
Prickly Pear
When we feel isolated in our own self-protection, she helps us with letting down our guard, feeling safe to open to our deepest feelings. We can become aware of our needs & what is required to manifest them. We can see how we sabotage ourself. Prickly opens us to our own unique abundance.
A very powerful remedy for the journey of transformation. The time needs to be ‘right’
to take Quartz, for transformation will be deep & thorough. End of the old & ushering in of the new - are you ready & willing? Quartz was made surrounded by Pink Quartz to imbue the deep transformational journey with divine love.
When we need rescuing – during times of stress & trauma, physical & emotional pain, injuries & accidents. Comforts us in our time of need. When we need that little nudge to keep walking and manifesting our dreams.
Rose. . . . . Pink Mature
Is for ‘heart healing’. In times of great loss, when our heart is grieving, she helps us to face the depths of our heart’s feelings – gently bathing the wounds and healing the scars. Helping us to identify & accept our grief so we can recognise the deep & unbreakable bonds we have with those we love – love never dies.
Rose. . . . . .Pink Youth
Radiating the energy of Venus she helps us
with the integration of our feminine energy – the glorious woman within – the powerful energy of the goddess. We can feel the magic of her sensuality, creativity and beauty, we can let go to her alluring attraction – give her life!
Rose. . . . . .Red Mature
She mends bridges between hearts, due to misunderstandings. Brings together hearts that are competing for love. Heals with love. For friends & family who are feeling estranged & separated – shows that in the richness of the heart is the greatest treasure - symbol of love.
Rose. . . . . . .White
Experiencing the lessons of unconditional love, we learn the alchemic process of attraction.
Where the greatest transformation comes from changing our own vibration. What we are is what we attract. Helps with clarity in matters of the heart, showing that only by changing our own vibration can we attract new and different experiences and people into our life.
Rose. . . . . . Yellow
Happiness, joy, inspiration, wealth, expansiveness, warmth, positivity, beauty, togetherness, unity, empowering, freedom to love. She expands, opens and unblocks the energy in the Solar Plexus centre. Her energy is powerful & flows down thru the crown clearing the channels as she makes her way to this most powerful energy centre of the body.
Sharing with many, light & pure, warm & joyful, lots for all. Little yellow flower, how purely happy you are, shining golden like a morning star. No need to go without - plenty for all.
Teaches us about confidence. Showing us
the source of true confidence is gratitude. Gratitude enables us to stand fully in ourselves and shine. True confidence mirrors the magic of life; true confidence is the acknowledgment of everything. Her message is to shine, live in gratitude for all the beauty that is your life.
Wedding Bush
Wedding Bush connects us with our relationships – our relationships with others, ourselves, our bodies, our communities, our earth – in life we have a relationship with everything. She shows us our relationship with ourself – how healthy is it? Our relationship with ourself is the basis for all our relationships.
Feeling unwell, what could it be? Not being true to myself probably the answer. Where do you give yourself away – serving others, not yourself? Spend time in nature, listen to them, they have a message for you. Stop everything else, focus on you, you can’t go forward, till that’s done. Something’s to be attended to.
Yellow Banksia
Helps with feelings of lack of self worth - finding it difficult to accept who we are and what is being given to us now - fearing we’re not good enough. Helps to see ourselves as we really are. Breaks those ties to past events that have created an ‘inherited’ persona – creates space to see ourselves as we are here and now.
Young Pink Water Lily
Divine love buried deep, bring to the surface to experience fully. Inner child such pure love, awakening that child from her slumber. Bring up from the depths so she can manifest - creativity, poised and ready. Creativity’s ready to explode into the material world to share with all. Dearest, dearest child welcome home.
Deva-line Flower Essences can be ordered from my web site or phone 0413 442 808 or

Friday, July 3, 2009

Congressman Ron Paul - Bankruptcy is Economic Stimulus - Texas Straight Talk

Congressman Ron Paul - Bankruptcy is Economic Stimulus - Texas Straight Talk: "We should have learned from Japan. The 1990’s is referred to as Japan’s “lost decade” because of the zombie banks kept on life support by the Japanese government. Any productivity was redirected through these engines of wealth destruction, resulting in long term stagnation. We should and can avoid this outcome if we come to our senses. A recession should be a time of strengthening and regrouping for an economy. But as long as the government insists on maintaining the status quo by propping up failed institutions, we will continue to dig a bigger hole for ourselves."

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Magickal World of the Flower Essences


Have you ever been captivated by the magical beauty of a flower?
Flowers also have an ‘inner’ magical beauty, which can be accessed and used for healing.

Mother Nature gives so generously of herself – she nurtures, heals and transforms. Not only does she look beautiful but her essence, her energy is potently medicinal.

Mother Nature provides abundantly.

Flower Essences gently capture the highest energy of the plant – which is contained within the flower. The flower is the communicator of the plant, communicating its unique healing gift to us.

Flower Essences use the energy channels and centres to access the body. They work primarily on the mental and emotional levels but can also work on the physical.

They are indispensable in times of crisis and change. Their nature is to bring back into balance, bringing harmony to your emotions helping you to think more clearly and see more objectively.

They work beautifully with children, as they are safe and gentle. They also work wonderfully with animals.

Flower Essences can help you through transitional times of life eg adolescence, pubity, menopause, divorce, separation, loss and illness.

A truely special gift from Mother Nature!