Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Can you feel it?  
The energy of Life bursting forth. . . . . Spring is here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As a Spring born baby the energy of Spring energises my being - "I'm alive - I breathe, I have a life to live!  

I feel incredibly grateful for my time and place of birth. . . . . .  springtime in the glorious Blue Mountains. . .

The energy of our arrival we carry within our cells, reminding us and giving clues to our own special journey.  What stimulates you, what energises your cells?  Is this a hint as to the direction you follow?

 The energy of life reverberates thru our being, filled with divine essence we have a reason for living.

We need to know that reason, why we are here?  What we can do, to express our love. . . .

But Spring is a special time for all 'cause it brings - renewal and hope and of course gorgeous weather.

So as we enter this space of new birth and inspiration how will you use this precious energy you are given?

First I'd like to say 'Thank You' to that which gave me Life, which keeps me alive and nurtures my living.

For all the beauty I see, before me each moment - and the love in the hearts of all human beings.

So much true 'magick' exists, we just need to focus - the rest is 'illusion' - need to stay awake to notice.

So enjoy your bountiful time, feel the newness - give birth to new creations and thanks for all that's given.

much love to you all