Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Time Has Come!

the time has come dear brothers and sisters -

lots of love to you

Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Sheer and magnificent beauty

The sheer and magnificent beauty of human beings. . . . . . simply overwhelming!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Transformation Time!

Massive times of transformation are upon us!

My first blog for a while - so much has happened and so much has changed. The changes, often invisible to the eye - but deep and real just the same. Massive reorganisation at the very core of my being- that's what if feels like!

The human body such a wonder, of the highest intelligent organisation - beyond, i'm sure, what any of us will ever truly understand. And we are gifted with one of these the moment we are given the chance of life here on Earth.

Being an Wholistic Practitioner and having studied a number of modalities - i'm constantly in awe at the magnificence of the vehicle in which we habitate. It's a wonder beyond imagination - a creation beyond the comprehension of our tiny human brains. Surely something of great and powerful splendour created this incredible living vehicle.

Not only does it do what it does - constantly - to keep us within the boundaries of 'life', striving ceaselessly for a balanced organic state - but it has the ability to rebound from the outer edges of 'survivability' to a natural state of balance once again - a simply miraculous 'machine'!

The body has an innate ability to heal itself - it only asks for support and willingness from it's resident. It needs very little really, to do its job immaculately - a lot of common sense - but then these times find it sadly uncommon.

Much corruption and disease fill our streets - dishonesty and liars - pretence and greed - but that doesn't have to be 'my' world. Turn the head ever so gentle to the other side - and what is there? All the things contained in the heart of a naturally healthy human being.

It's not so much what we have to learn - but what we need to unlearn - what we need to turn away from - if you're quiet for a moment, you'll know what they are.

So, i give thanks to this superlative generous, kind and loving 'life' that fills my breath each moment i breathe and gives me the opportunity - so many thousand a day - to rejoice at the magick and wonder of being here now! 'Thank You's will never be enough!

I did intend to write about the passing Scorpio New Moon - I may later write about the 'happenings' in the sky - but what are the wonders that occur here on Earth, in this body - simultaneously, mirroring the great drama being played out in the vast gallaxies above us.

These are very special times indeed dear friends - time to be conscious, we don't want to miss a second, time for focus, time for reality, time for love, time for understanding, time for rejoicing, time for renewing - time for a brand new start. . . . . . . . . . .halleluiah!!!

lots of love to you all