Monday, May 16, 2011



Scorpio Full Moon - Wesak, celebrating Budha's Birthday

During this time of Wesak - the celebration of Budha's birthday held on the Scorpio Full Moon - my thoughts are drawn to 'values'.

Obviously first thoughts of Scorpio are intensity, transformation, desire and will.  Looking at the Full Moon chart for Australia, the following were my first impressions.

I've never before been so interested in the national manifestations of Astrological events (or for that  matter, politics) but during these extraordiary times of darkness, deceipt and pure insanity. . . . . . (yes, these are also times of great advances and major leaps forward and the awakening of the feminine) - I have to say I've lost all faith,interest and belief in our local politicians (the Greens being the only exception). I've never before seen what I'm now seeing - it is quite disturbing.

With a fresh approach (all this Uranian energy) I thought I'd write down my first impressions on the aspects of this Scorpio Full Moon chart for Australia (may God please help us. . . . .)

First impression Pluto sits in the 12th house - what I got was;
'Oz will not continue to get away with it's destructive habits and activities. . . . .retribution is coming'

The beautiful and inspiring jupiter, Mercury, Venus and Mars sitting together in the pre-dawn sky at present, in Aries, in the 4th house;
'bountiful and abundant energy is available for creating new (& sustainable) foundations'

Sun in Taurus in the 5th;
'abundant, earth based creative energy is available'

Saturn conjuct the Mid-heaven (in the 9th);
'responsibilites will be evident - there will be no shirking or hiding'

Juno in the 8th;
'time for sharing and combining our resources in true partnership'

Moon in the 11th;
'emotional and inner 'knowing' of the masses deepened and heightened, intensly strong emotional reactions manifest in groups of people'

The extreme challenging relationship between Pluto, Saturn and Uranus in the 12th, 9th/MC, 3rd respectively;
'the purging of the collective consciousness is happening and the results will be obvious (nothing will be hidden); local rebellions and uprisings - innovative communication needed for the good and the better'

Neptune conjuct Chiron in the 2nd;
'the wound to our values, deceipt and illumination in manifesting them - true healing is necessary and available if we can be humble '

Pluto in the 8th trines Jupiter, Mercury, Venus & Mars in the 4th;
'real and lasting transformation is available if we can accept the opportunities being presented to create new solid & innovative foundations'

Our systems and representatives of government seem to have lost their way with 'reality'.  The times have changed, we no longer live in the 'realities' of yesterday.  We are on a precipous of unimaginable disaster if common sense and real intelligence is not activated.

It is up to us, the people to awaken from our drug induced coma and truly see what is happening.

Be the change, live from your heart and use your God given intelligence.  Open your eyes and see for yourself, remove the wax and hear the cries - this will  not fix itself and if left, well I hate to think.  Stand up one and all and speak your truth.

May God bless us all

much love


Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sacred Energy

Sacred energy permeates the ground here - powerful force needs to be understood clearly

I asked for 'permission' to set up camp - it was given, that's why i'm here

Don't see the full picture, why me that's been called - but it's roots are in ancient knowledge and 'being'

Energy is strong, need to transform my 'shape'
so currents of force can harmoniously blend

There's something big happening here
maybe why it's been difficult

But that which drew me here - had in mind a purpose. . . . honouring the forgotten.

Much is happening. . . .

- which is not surprising, is it!!

3 months have passed since I last posted - 90 degrees, a square - in the world of Astrology. 
Squares create tension - something has to give, lots of confronting what's not working.

As life has a flow, it's constantly moving - nothing remains the same, it only appears so.  So do you go with the 'flow' or try to resist it - resisting the tide is extremely exhausting.

I've been 'graced' with a 'system' with a high level of sensitivity - so nothing is escaped, if it's within my periphery.  All is one and one is all - everythings conncected and moving toward completion.

When 'things' need 'adjusting' - tweeked this way or that - to keep you on the path, it will automatically happen.  Life has been created with such magnificent genius, we get little glimpses - but much more is available to us.

We set our intentions - then rev our desire, actions follow - to manifest our vision.  We have a picture of what is needed to fulfil our purpose, so we set out after it. 

The combination of the non-physical and the manifest, collide in ways in which we're mostly unaware of - at least consciously.  We can think in lines, squares and substance but be unaware of the energy beneath it.

Energy is a powerful force, it creates life - poof, from 'nothing'!  Or so it seems.

So we make our plans, implement our actions - battle with our demons that try to distract us.  Life is love, light and abundance - but darkness also exists, when light is turned away from.

Complex beings we are  - shaped by many experiences, but with a 'core' of divinity, purpose and majesty.

So we live our life, dreaming and doing often unaware of what is really happening.

The matrix of energy, surrounding each 'being' moving in swirls - creating new realities. 

Each and every moment - 'new life' appears as we continue on our quest to create some meaning.

So no need to go into all the physical manifestations - enought to say that much has been happening, whilst attempting to manifest my vision of Mahalia.

much love to you