Sunday, May 1, 2011

Much is happening. . . .

- which is not surprising, is it!!

3 months have passed since I last posted - 90 degrees, a square - in the world of Astrology. 
Squares create tension - something has to give, lots of confronting what's not working.

As life has a flow, it's constantly moving - nothing remains the same, it only appears so.  So do you go with the 'flow' or try to resist it - resisting the tide is extremely exhausting.

I've been 'graced' with a 'system' with a high level of sensitivity - so nothing is escaped, if it's within my periphery.  All is one and one is all - everythings conncected and moving toward completion.

When 'things' need 'adjusting' - tweeked this way or that - to keep you on the path, it will automatically happen.  Life has been created with such magnificent genius, we get little glimpses - but much more is available to us.

We set our intentions - then rev our desire, actions follow - to manifest our vision.  We have a picture of what is needed to fulfil our purpose, so we set out after it. 

The combination of the non-physical and the manifest, collide in ways in which we're mostly unaware of - at least consciously.  We can think in lines, squares and substance but be unaware of the energy beneath it.

Energy is a powerful force, it creates life - poof, from 'nothing'!  Or so it seems.

So we make our plans, implement our actions - battle with our demons that try to distract us.  Life is love, light and abundance - but darkness also exists, when light is turned away from.

Complex beings we are  - shaped by many experiences, but with a 'core' of divinity, purpose and majesty.

So we live our life, dreaming and doing often unaware of what is really happening.

The matrix of energy, surrounding each 'being' moving in swirls - creating new realities. 

Each and every moment - 'new life' appears as we continue on our quest to create some meaning.

So no need to go into all the physical manifestations - enought to say that much has been happening, whilst attempting to manifest my vision of Mahalia.

much love to you

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