Monday, September 28, 2009

Our new cycles ahead

Well, the activity continues – no hiding from these massive times of change that rage rapidly around our heads.

New Moon in Virgo
September’s Virgo’s New Moon on the 19th continued the concentration and focus which has been with us all year. Our dear unrelenting strict father Saturn sat together with the Sun and Moon – at the exact same degree (that’s close!!).

The New Moon brings with it the energy pattern for the month ahead. September is already a significant time – for us here in the Southern Hemisphere, we celebrate the Spring Equinox – our brothers and sisters in the North enjoy the Autumn Equinox.

It’s a significant time of change, naturally, in Nature’s cycle. For us here in the South, a time of rebirth and new beginnings. A glorious time of fresh new leaves, budding trees and blossoms galore. Baby lambs frolic in the fields, calves are everywhere where there are cows, people feel inspired, gardens come to life and everyone wants to be outside. Mostly everyone loves spring!

Do we understand the significance of the season – the opportunities it brings us? We obviously do unconsciously – but how to translate that into conscious intent?
In the New Moon chart Saturn’s influence is hard to ignore. He’s been prominent in our world for a couple of years now. He represents the tried and true, the old, not the new – the foundations we lay, the materials with which we build – our structures, our bones, our teeth and our knees.

He’s been having a bit of a tiff – you could say, with Uranus – more like a war for some. ‘Get with the times’ Uranus blasts with his electrical energy – he goes so fast. ‘Impetuous youth, thinks he knows all, I will show him a thing or two’ Saturn growls in his beard. If it wasn’t so impounding, it’s been going on for so long now, we could’ve got bored! But it’s a little difficult to become ensconced in boredom when simply ‘everything’ is changing all around you.

Can you feel their pull – they work inside you as well, this is not just happening outside – it’s going on within our heads.
‘This way, that way’ ‘god, I’m exhausted, let me rest’ ‘can’t everything stay the same, at least just for a breath?’
‘I’m afraid not’ the bellowing sound comes from above – ‘there’s things to do, just get on with it!’

The Asteroid Pallas Athene

'whose occult teachings are derived from the serpent-haired Gorgon Medusa whose face she wears on her breastplate. The serpent aspect of the Medusa represented the wisdom of the oracles and granted the ability to hear the voices of prophecy.’ Demetra George "Asteroid Goddesses'.

. . . . . . . . groovy!!!!

She sits with Saturn, the Sun and the Moon to give counsel – how fortunate we are. As with the last New Moon the Goddess energy is powerfully evident at this time. At last, the age of the patriarchy is coming to an end – time for the Divine Feminine to spread her wings.

‘Pallas Athene also embodies the magickal will that enables us to create and control our own reality. Rather than depending upon ceremony and ritual, Pallas spontaneously manifests whatever is needed through the mode of creative visualization.’

‘The occultist, the scientist who uses natural laws to manifest ideas onto the physical plane’
Demetra George

I have a personal link to Pallas and feel very excited that she is manifesting at this time. God knows we need her!

Mercury – our dear feather-footed friend – is also a part of the New Moon quad – making sure that the ‘message’ gets out. Where would we be without Mercury’s swift networking ability?

In the opposite court Uranus stand defiant, he’s pretty strong minded and doesn’t like being bossed. But with the four on the other side, he’ll have his work cut out even though Juno is sitting near by. ‘If we change (Uranus) our way of relating to each other (Juno) then maybe we have a chance’ they put on the table.
Spring Equinox
Only 4 days after the New Moon the Spring Equinox continues the concentrated energy of Saturn, Mercury and Pallas – influencing and colouring the direction and intention of the Sun.

Of course the Sun has now moved into Libra – 0 degrees Libra, the Equinox, the beginning of the next three month cycle. In the South the spring quarter and in the North, the autumn.

This ‘beginning’ influences a longer cycle – a three month cycle – natures cycles of Spring, Summer, Winter and Spring – the quarter times of the year.

The time of the Equinox has been honoured by many for centuries – a conscious recognition and acknowledged intention of the energies available – honoured, accepted and used for growth and evolvement.

We have lost touch with these cycles as we live further away from nature’s vibration. Our machines, our buildings, our mod cons, our technologies have made some things easier – or have they? But have shielded us from nature’s bounty.

I guess that’s why lots of us still love going camping, walking in the bush, swimming in the ocean, climbing mountains or just sitting in the garden – we need Mother Nature and at times we crave her.

So during this longer cycle – taking us up to the end of the year, Saturn, Mercury and Pallas will be combining their wisdom, ancient knowledge, mental brilliance, serious thought, attention to detail, discrimination, healing knowledge, structural awareness and exceptional analysis – to the pot, for mixing.

In the opposite court – Uranus and Juno work together with their insightful visions of new ways of relating and new ways of healing. ‘Faith, commitment and reverence must be brought to all partners’, ‘the meaning and value of true commitment’, ‘joining forces in a way that completes us’ – the time of ‘community’ not the ‘lone wolf’ is upon us.

So each of the groups heads down, work feverishly – they know they’re being depended on to come to the party – serious times, they’re aware.
Big brother Pluto plays a significant part in this cycle – he challenges the Sun. Well, the Sun’s pretty big and powerful – but Pluto, we know what he’s capable of.

This is a challenge of power – interesting eh? You could say that challenge surrounds us in this world today. How do we use our power, do we recognise that we even have any? How is power distributed? And what do we do with it?

Sun and Pluto coming together is all about transformation. Some things will die and some will be born and the cycle continues.

The Sun has just begun her journey through Libra – the sign of Relationships. Uranus is already giving her a hard time – ‘they need to change, they need to change’ he goes on – ‘they cannot continue this way’.

The Sun in Libra can get protective – my friends, they always come first, I’ll do everything to protect them, don’t you dare intrude.
Yes, dear Libra, relationships are a wonderful thing, but like everything else are up for review – the way we relate impacts everything – especially the relationship with ourself.

The Sun has Uranus opposing and Pluto challenging it – dare say his environment has no hope of staying the same – Libra will cop it this time round. The Sun is proud, brilliant and bright, we depend on him for life on Earth. He emits the ‘energy’ of the constellation he’s visiting – it’s this energy that needs to be transformed – the planets are merely messengers – doing their jobs to support evolvement.

Mother Moon sits in Scorpio – enhancing the mood of intense transformation at the deepest level. Our moods could get serious, as we delve down deep within – ‘what do I really need to feel safe and secure?’ "How do I connect with my deepest needs?’ ‘How do I satisfy my longing to unite?’

Moon in Scorpio you couldn’t call her light – lots of deep, pensive feelings could colour our psyche. ‘So much is changing’ ‘will I be safe’ ‘what do I need to make it through?’

Mars sits in Cancer – a bit of ‘grumpy’ at home – lots of activity on the home front ‘I hope not another one of those crashes!’ Mars in Cancer creates a lot of movement in the home, ‘will I move, or create a new foundation?’ Be mindful when Cancer comes this way, he can get a bit touchy and down right cranky. Just keep it to yourself, don’t go throwing it around, ‘I’ve just cleaned the house, I don’t want your dirty energy in here’.

Lilith – our Divine Feminine remerging as we speak – god, what a relief – at last, at last. She’s still working away with ‘Destiny’ man, they’re making their plans for a whole new world, just wait and see.

There is a ‘diamond’ in this Equinox chart – The South Node, Moon Uranus and Juno.
Just at a glance, what does that mean – a special gift for us in the energy of these heavenly bodies.

"Transformation in our old ways of relating. The emotional responses we’ve learnt as a child within our families – those unconscious patterns that we’ve taken on as our own, that have caused us trauma and distress in our lives – now have the opportunity to change!

New ways of relating, of coming together, of forming ‘families’, is now possible. Transformation of our deepest emotions – transformation of our relationships, as we understand what we carry from the past and acknowledge what belongs to us here and now, our innate resources, our own feelings and our own responses. Our ability to create our own world"

We are the guardians of this Earth – us humans – it is now time for human evolution – knowing our self, our own unique identity, our purpose and the understanding needed for coming together as a human community.

Much learning is being made available for us here on Earth in these very special times.

Keep movin, keep lovin, keep feeling grateful, keep laughin and keep havin fun!

lotsa luv

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Who am I? Fusion music on words of Maharaji | Prem Rawat | Maharaji | Video

Who am I? Fusion music on words of Maharaji | Prem Rawat | Maharaji | Video

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Indigenous prophecy

Indigenous Native American Indian Prophecy



The 'pressure' to change
into beauty and love
continues each day

each New Moon, each new 'transit'
supports the trend
massive change on a global scale
is with us now for good!

The change is for evolution
into our loving and beautiful selves
to rid ourselves once and for all
of all the chains that bound us

we've become slaves.

Slaves to what?
you may ask
well what do you think we've become?
Slaves to who and what?
A good question

one that urgently needs answering.

So don't fight it dear friends
let go and 'let God'
allow the fresh winds of change
to refresh our brains
and the emergence of love

to awaken our hearts.

These are mighty times indeed
we're so lucky to be chosen
to be here now

Claim your birthright to be
the unique person that you are
share your gifts with others
let's make this a beautiful world

We have the capacity
there - there is no doubt
awaken, awaken,
wipe the sleep
from your eyes

Such wonder and magick
surround and encase
our very existence
here on this earth

The wonders of wonders
the miracle of all time
that we have life
we are here now
and we are gifted humans

with intelligence and the ability to choose

Use these gifts wisely
life is but short
before you know it
you will be gone

There's not unlimited time
for anyone of us
we have a contract
it will run out

So now's not the time
to squander this gift
let's arise, stand up - be counted
and offer your help

This is a call to all humans
we all need to be a part
of the evolution of the species
known as human beings

A time of all time
and we've been chosen to be here
beings of love and light
carrying a jewel of divinity

We have all we'll ever need
to be completely fulfilled
thank you to all
who have given us
this opportunity.


The Poet's back in action

"It just makes my blood boil" I simmer
with the ignorance - or is it deceit -
in our world.
Do other's really act from pure & utter ignorance
and non-functioning intelligence?

Or is a more sinister motive behind?

So easy for the masses
to follow just as sheep
"He's in a high position
he must know what he's doing!"

As we tumble over the cliff.

Awaken, awaken humans
use your God given gift to 'feel'
'sense' the world around you
believe what you perceive.

We're run'nin out of time here
both personally and collectively
can we rip open our hearts -
tied in chains
a glorious beating, jewel beneath.

We're much more
than they tell us
we're infinite, magickal beings
we're created from the highest forms
of energy - that exist.

So, if you can't find the key
grab a lever to crack open those chains
that've bound you
for so long
you'll find her there
just waiting.

"I've never gone away!"

"I've always been here waiting
I knew you'd finally come
you've been looking everywhere outside
but I've been here with you
all along!"

We embrace, we cry, we dance, we kiss
eons of tears cascade down my face
the love I've searched so far and wide
It's you - you've been here
waiting for me - the whole time.


Thursday, September 24, 2009


A must to watch and share with all you know - the very serious Vaccine issue


Friday, September 4, 2009



Pisces Full Moon has always been my favourite and that it comes so very close to my birthday is an extra treat! There's something so 'other worldly' about the Pisces Full Moon, as if we are able to access the magickal worlds that exist around us.

If you have the opportunity to look up at her, shining so magnificently in the sky, ask her to take you into the Pisces world. She'll give you wings to fly through the 'walls' which separate us from this wondrous land of heavenly beings and magickal creatures.

Pisces world is so fine, passing through the mists that protect their land from prying eyes - lies a world of which we can only dream - dreaming is one way to access this world. Pisces world appears formless, it's not, it's just their forms are so fine, so gentle and with eyes so accustomed to more gross perception, we may miss them.

Can't you hear their celestial sounds, can't you feel their presence? Can't you feel the longing to travel beyond what you know? Wouldn't you love to travel beyond time - see what you always 'knew' was there?

You carry some of Pisces within you, just as you've been given some of all the 'signs'. Pisces is your love of music and art, your need to escape the sometimes harshness of this world, to commune with nature, to especially wander by the sea. To dream, to create - to feel, to feel and to feel. To see the fairies and angels to hear the mermaids - to 'remember' all you have learnt before - this is Pisces.

Yes, I just love the Pisces Full Moon!

This Full Moon - when the Sun and Moon sit opposite each other is carrying the energy of the current Saturn/Uranus dalliance. Are we exploring the unknown or honouring the past - or, as oppositions try to teach us - combining the tw? Radical ideas need practical expression (remember not the time for armchair meanderings). Saturn and Uranus have taken a good bit of their time to come and help us down here on Earth. We are coming close to their third real 'snuggle' - that is merging their energies exactly - in only 10 days - so we are certainly in their energy field - their 'shadow' with this Full Moon. Their lessons will shine brightly - surely we can't miss them!

Pluto and Mars are still 'waring' - not as intensely as they have last week or so - but much 'tension' is still about - add to that the heightened energy of a Full Moon! Absolutely under no circumstance get pulled into any altercation - absolutely none!

Black Moon is still sitting with North Node - as she was in that very powerful Goddess New Moon a couple of weeks ago! She has come back to haunt us! Sorry but that's just what she wanted to say! She has laid quiet for so long now, enduring the humiliation of the forced 'masculine' rule - but she can stay quiet no longer. She has returned - and baby she ain't one to be messed with. We're talking about the power of the Divine Feminine herself - and she's been very grumpy for some time - best approach, welcome her, unleash her, give her a voice before she demands one. She exists in both male and female. This is not just a woman thing - the power of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine exists in us all. We have just been structuring our societies with mostly the Yang element (masculine) for sometime now - and the Earth's had enough - we've all had enough - welcome Lillith!!!

Pallas Athene also sits closely with the Sun during this Full Moon - lending her boundless wisdom to the mix. Pallas represents the spark of intelligence that initiates the creative act. Pallas Athene bestows the wisdom of inner vision that allows perception of all patterns.

Pallas symbolizes the process of creative visualization.

Pallas Athene's intelligence expresses itself in three primary areas of human activity - the arts, healing and political activism.

And with Pallas sitting in Virgo she has the ability to see the essence of things in their simplest forms. She has the wisdom of discrimination - her focus in on purification and Earth issues and she insists on superior standards in every area. She is here to make a difference - and a difference she will!

So she lends her support to the Sun's radiant light and warmth, merging her energy with his so that it can be beamed down upon us all, penetrating our skins, penetrating the earth so healing can begin. She also will not let Moon forget that with all the wonderful meanderings into the ethereal - there is work to be done! She has Saturn by her side, she'll pull on his strength and support and advise him on sustainable new structures.

Mercury and Ceres sit together in Libra - understanding that real nurturing is required for our growth - beauty and harmony, love and peace - real caring. Ceres implants Mercury's cranium with many amazing visions so that Mercury's message will be clear.

Mercury is just about to begin his travels backwards - or so it seems. The exact dates for this are Sept 6th to 28th - but the 'shadow' of this affect goes longer and we are already feeling this. So great time for Pisces Moon - give the old left brain head a rest, explore the undiscovered lands of the 'invisible' worlds and thoughts and allow Mercury's visions (courtesy of Ceres) to simply move unimpeded through your brain cells - you may be surprised what you see!

Have a great Full Moon - get out in it if you can - if you can't call on her and she will come to you.

lotsa luv to you all