Friday, September 4, 2009



Pisces Full Moon has always been my favourite and that it comes so very close to my birthday is an extra treat! There's something so 'other worldly' about the Pisces Full Moon, as if we are able to access the magickal worlds that exist around us.

If you have the opportunity to look up at her, shining so magnificently in the sky, ask her to take you into the Pisces world. She'll give you wings to fly through the 'walls' which separate us from this wondrous land of heavenly beings and magickal creatures.

Pisces world is so fine, passing through the mists that protect their land from prying eyes - lies a world of which we can only dream - dreaming is one way to access this world. Pisces world appears formless, it's not, it's just their forms are so fine, so gentle and with eyes so accustomed to more gross perception, we may miss them.

Can't you hear their celestial sounds, can't you feel their presence? Can't you feel the longing to travel beyond what you know? Wouldn't you love to travel beyond time - see what you always 'knew' was there?

You carry some of Pisces within you, just as you've been given some of all the 'signs'. Pisces is your love of music and art, your need to escape the sometimes harshness of this world, to commune with nature, to especially wander by the sea. To dream, to create - to feel, to feel and to feel. To see the fairies and angels to hear the mermaids - to 'remember' all you have learnt before - this is Pisces.

Yes, I just love the Pisces Full Moon!

This Full Moon - when the Sun and Moon sit opposite each other is carrying the energy of the current Saturn/Uranus dalliance. Are we exploring the unknown or honouring the past - or, as oppositions try to teach us - combining the tw? Radical ideas need practical expression (remember not the time for armchair meanderings). Saturn and Uranus have taken a good bit of their time to come and help us down here on Earth. We are coming close to their third real 'snuggle' - that is merging their energies exactly - in only 10 days - so we are certainly in their energy field - their 'shadow' with this Full Moon. Their lessons will shine brightly - surely we can't miss them!

Pluto and Mars are still 'waring' - not as intensely as they have last week or so - but much 'tension' is still about - add to that the heightened energy of a Full Moon! Absolutely under no circumstance get pulled into any altercation - absolutely none!

Black Moon is still sitting with North Node - as she was in that very powerful Goddess New Moon a couple of weeks ago! She has come back to haunt us! Sorry but that's just what she wanted to say! She has laid quiet for so long now, enduring the humiliation of the forced 'masculine' rule - but she can stay quiet no longer. She has returned - and baby she ain't one to be messed with. We're talking about the power of the Divine Feminine herself - and she's been very grumpy for some time - best approach, welcome her, unleash her, give her a voice before she demands one. She exists in both male and female. This is not just a woman thing - the power of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine exists in us all. We have just been structuring our societies with mostly the Yang element (masculine) for sometime now - and the Earth's had enough - we've all had enough - welcome Lillith!!!

Pallas Athene also sits closely with the Sun during this Full Moon - lending her boundless wisdom to the mix. Pallas represents the spark of intelligence that initiates the creative act. Pallas Athene bestows the wisdom of inner vision that allows perception of all patterns.

Pallas symbolizes the process of creative visualization.

Pallas Athene's intelligence expresses itself in three primary areas of human activity - the arts, healing and political activism.

And with Pallas sitting in Virgo she has the ability to see the essence of things in their simplest forms. She has the wisdom of discrimination - her focus in on purification and Earth issues and she insists on superior standards in every area. She is here to make a difference - and a difference she will!

So she lends her support to the Sun's radiant light and warmth, merging her energy with his so that it can be beamed down upon us all, penetrating our skins, penetrating the earth so healing can begin. She also will not let Moon forget that with all the wonderful meanderings into the ethereal - there is work to be done! She has Saturn by her side, she'll pull on his strength and support and advise him on sustainable new structures.

Mercury and Ceres sit together in Libra - understanding that real nurturing is required for our growth - beauty and harmony, love and peace - real caring. Ceres implants Mercury's cranium with many amazing visions so that Mercury's message will be clear.

Mercury is just about to begin his travels backwards - or so it seems. The exact dates for this are Sept 6th to 28th - but the 'shadow' of this affect goes longer and we are already feeling this. So great time for Pisces Moon - give the old left brain head a rest, explore the undiscovered lands of the 'invisible' worlds and thoughts and allow Mercury's visions (courtesy of Ceres) to simply move unimpeded through your brain cells - you may be surprised what you see!

Have a great Full Moon - get out in it if you can - if you can't call on her and she will come to you.

lotsa luv to you all


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