Tuesday, March 20, 2012

As this new cycle begins


As this new cycle begins. . .on this day of the Autumn Equinox. . .I honour Athene.  She gives power, she gives strength, she gives protection, she gives wisdom, she gives justice, she gives healing. . . and she gives the gift of creativity.  May we take her gifts and blessings with us into this new cycle. . .to create a new life of wholeness. . . . .

much love marilynxxx

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Virgo Full Moon & Day of the Divine Feminine

The Day of the Goddess

That the Goddess Full Moon falls on the socially celebrated International Women's Day. . .in 2012. . .I believe is significant.

The 'world' is crying out for loving, caring, protecting and nurturing. . . .the qualities of the Divine Feminine.

2012 is quite a year, with alternate realities spinning in circles. . .the past, the present, the future, the imagined. . .overlapping each other, all in motion.  Grounding so important, when so much is happening.

Virgo is known as an Earth sign, but she differs from Taurus and Capricorn. . .she's a Goddess, so her familiarity lies with the divine. . .she tries to manifest this in the physical. . .her ideals are lofty, like her polarity friend Pisces. . .she 'sees' the divine in all. . .her natural tendency is purity. . .in thought and word and deed.  She continually strives to manifest this ideal, she's not always comfortable with the physical, in particular the grossest form of manifestation, so familiar in our current living.

She lives on a level somewhat elevated. . .this often makes her appear aloof. . but she has kindness in her heart and healing as her focus. . .she was sent here to improve.  She gets lonely at times, there aren't many like her, but she agreed on the terms of her visit. . she's not your 'normal' human, she's a Goddess. . .but you need to have eyes to see it.

So she often struggles here on Earth. . .it all seems so gross!  And she tries so hard to purify. . .she's often at a loss to understand the ways and means of others. You need to understand where she's come from, to understand her focus.

So it's the Full Moon of the Goddess. . .the Moon being the Mother. . .so lots of delicious Divine Feminine. . .and then add International Woman's Day. . . this is a special day, of 2012, to  celebrate and honour the Divine Feminine in all her glory.

It's her energy we're missing. . .in these gross worlds we've built. . .the balance is obvious to most these days. . .thing is, something needs to be done about it.  Yes Virgo is an Earth sign, she's not afraid of hard work. . .she also doesn't need applause, she just wants to get on with the job.  She knows what's she's doing. . .and she just want to get on with it.

So in this very unbalanced and unhealthy world. . .we as humans find ourselves in. . .the Goddess comes to remind us. . .there's work to be done. . . of a specific nature.  Purity needs to be pulled down from the heavens. . .healing needs to happen on Earth. . .discrimination is required on a moment to moment basis. . .our choices and decisions need to be constantly monitored.  

The Divine Mother's arms are long and wide. . .enough room for us all. . .she gently shows us the 'right' way of responding. . .she teaches us how to live our life. . .she nurtures, she loves, she cares, she feeds, she gives shelter and her love. . .she wipes the worries away, she is always there. . .she gave us birth, in the beginning.

So take a moment to reflect. . .on this quiet but powerful day. . .remember Virgo doesn't require fanfare . . . .she just quietly gets on with the job.  So don't wait to hear the drum roll or something to grab your attention. . .you need to stop, listen and feel. . .and you will see her as clearly as day.

There is so much more to life. . .than we could ever comprehend with our minds. . . a magick unsurpassed, a creation divine in it's making.

I am left with gratitude and thanks. . .for everything I am given.

Have a wonderful Full Moon in Virgo Goddess Day. . .celebrate the Divine Feminine. . .without her, we wouldn't have been given life. . .in the huge time of renewal we find ourselves in. . . stop, be still and listen. . . to what is really going on. . . take your focus away from the Maya, for a moment. . .and see the magick happening all around you.

Lots of love to you all