Friday, January 7, 2011

2011- a brand new start

Moments of solar magick at Mahalia

It's been a while. . . . . a lot moving and transformingSince the last post I have moved and began the creation of 'Mahalia' - a 'sacred healing space' in the beautiful Border country of Northern Rivers.  

Working within this physical, material plane has its definite parameters - becoming familiar with dear Saturn certainly prepares us for this effort.
It begins with a vision - a fleeting thought, one of many - but it persists, till it becomes your companionSo you start to write it down, collect pictures and draw it - it's becoming alive, moving more and more, into physical reality. 

Mahalia was a vision of mine, but then I hadn't named it - I saw it in my mind's eye for many years - until it was the right time for it to manifest.
So working with the material plane certainly has its laws, if something isn't ready to be - there's no need puffing and panting.

Saturn has a lot to teach us - solid reality is his realm - he teaches us application and discipline - and understanding of the movement of cycles. He shows us how to apply our energy, with focus and commitment, he won't give up till everything's 'right' - stability and longevity is his mantra.

Even blessed with lots of Earth at birth - I still can tend to grumble, "more hard work, I thought this would be easy" - "I thought you would have learnt by now, seems not" says authoritarian Saturn.

So we're 3 days past our new year New Moon Solar Eclipse, which had a hefty presence of Saturn and all those planets in Capricorn - it's certainly time to get on with the work!  Yes dreams and visions are really important, without them there'd be no matrix, from which the material can form, but there are definite times when heads, hands need to tend to the manifested reality. I believe now is one of them.

The first few days of any cycle give a sneak preview of what's likely to follow. Especially around the birth of a new year - it appears there's lots of work to get on with this 2011.  
We've all, most likely, been thinking and planning for some time now - well, now's the time to get on with it.  MANIFESTATION is awaiting!

There is definitely magick in life - that what we think, then becomes - how magick is that!  So what have you been thinking, what have you been creating in your thoughts - 'cause sure enough they'll begin appearing.

2010 was certainly a year to remember - some say that it was 2010 not 2012 that was the real turning point - I don't know, but Mother Gaia certainly made her presence felt in 2010 and continues to do so.  Here is this part of Oz and further north and west - water is overflowing - what is Gaia trying to tell us, do we have the ears to hear?

But as always we stand alone, our journey so very personal - yet at the same time by coming together, much can be realized.  But every step we take as ourself, every thought we think, every word that escapes our mouth, creates our world and our reality.

Saturn also represent maturity - and boy have we got that coming - if any remember your Saturn Returns - well as a human race I reckon we're going thru it. . . .What have 'I' done with my life up till now, what is really important?  What is the reason I've come to this Earth - what can I contribute with the time I have left?

Pluto's continuing his silent work - simply dismantling all that's decaying - a little scary, when you think just how much of it there is . . .  But there's simply no way of stopping him (not that we'd want to), a powerful force he carries with him - simply death and transformation.

There was a 'diamond' in the New Moon chart (a grand trine for those who know Astrology) - I see it as a special gift that's offered, but we need to be awake to take advantage.  This diamond encompasses the energy of Earth, with the fire of creativity and Pluto himself is central to this gathering, giving his power for manifestation.  Pallas Athene gives her significant wisdom, her skills in medicine, healing and creativity - and her skills as a warrior, a protectress of women and children. Our future destiny is being revealed here by the presence of the nodes and for those here in Oz (on the east coast) a Taurus Midheaven completes the triangle.  Comfort and ease, growth in the material, a creative hand at manifesting 'reality'.

Saturn challenges the Sun and Moon joining - to keep their focus during this cycle - to commit their energy to the greater good of learning, growth and new stable foundations.

A new year, new foundations that are real, solid and true - yes it takes work, this physical world does - but the rewards are simply outstanding.

So use this month of January to lay the pavers of your new creative pathway.

lots of love to you all