Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Infinite Intelligence

The infinite intelligence and beauty of life!


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Beautiful Piscean New Moon

Dive deep for wisdom

When you wish upon a star - lotsa incredible innovative ideas come streaming down!
The New Moon - early yesterday morning was rich with inspiration and insightful messages.  There's still time to make that wish!  Usually for 3 days either side of the New Moon - the energy is plump with possiblities.

I didn't get to posting the New Moon article yesterday - as intended, as the stream of 'visions' rapid and voluminous - kept me scribbling on the page for hours upon hours.  Levels of understanding and recognition not before understood kept my hand frantically scribing.

Hopefully, you too, took advantage of the glorious stream of precious insights.

The Sun and Moon sat very snuggly with Uranus and Mercury - and for most of Oz they squatted in Pisces very own house.  The 12th house - the domain of Pisces - is rich with deeply buried wisdom, from many ages.  At certain times the access to this unique Library of ageless collective wisdom, is more easily available to us.  At other times we may be unaware of the rich resources hidden from our physical sight.

Pisces sits at the end of the Zodiac and is thus graced with access to the knowledge of all that's gone before.  But this knowledge is deep, very deep and not so easily accessed.

But at special times the doors are open and if we are aware and open we can receive the flow of information being made available.

I believe - that a Pisces Moon is such a time.

This Pisces New Moon was extra insightful due to Uranus and Mercury's strong influence.  And for most of Oz (not west coast) this grouping was in Pisces house, an added bonus.

And for all of you with strong Pisces and 12th house (Pisces house) I hope the rapid stream of personal and collective awareness, didn't overwhelm you.  It can at times.

Tied strongly and beautifully to this New Moon was Pallas Athene, The Vertex and Sth Node.  In simple language (I will attempt to decipher the code);

"A very powerful creative impulse - insightfully intelligent in it's sudden impact.
New beginnings, much inspiration unlocked for your use. 

Time for initializing new ideas - a new inner awakening.

A connection to what nurtures us - what supports and sustains us.  Our inherited past - the nurturing support (or lack of) which molded us.

The creative and intelligent wisdom deep in our psyche .

Flashes of insight.

Openings, chance meetings - turning points in our journey.

Diving deep for pearls of wisdom, quiet solitude - gathering lost information."

This collection of energy formed a gloriously diamond (grand trine) in the sky.

To keep us all grounded and attentive to our daily needs and routines - yes, you're right, dear old Saturn was present too.

He sat opposite the New Moon table, making sure we didn't completely get lost in the depths of Neptune's vast oceanic libraries.  He reminds us of 'Reality' - he doesn't let us forget about Reality.  His positioning in this chart - was focused on our day to day routines, our responsibilities and our body and health.  Dear Saturn, thank you, for ever reminding us - where would we be without you?

The weight of influence was a little stacked against him this time - the Neptune influence is strong.  But he's there all the same, to remind us to keep our feet firmly on the ground!

So - a bit late - this New Moon report - but trusting Neptune, I'm sure you felt the vibe and received the possibly subtle but heavy downpour of personal messages - just for you. Use them, this kind of help doesn't happen everyday!

It's time to step forward anew!

lotsa luv to you

Thursday, March 11, 2010

I remind myself


We ask for your blessings!

With Mars pulling himself out of his disoriented, groggy state - after attempting a backwards run for the last 3 months - I reckon we may need some blessings, as he awakens from his stupor!!!!

For those of you less familiar with the characters of the planetary beings - Mars is full steam ahead energy.  He's also the God of War.  He gives us our vitality, the energy to do things. He influences the way we assert ourselves, how we direct our energy.  He also inspires motivation - he loves to move, as fast as possible. 

Physically Mars rules over our strength - our muscles, blood, adrenal glands and head (Aries).  As well as our libido. Mars has a strong relationship with our 'fight-or-flight' mechanism.  He also, like Neptune, influences the way we create our boundaries.  Mars asserts his boundaries (hence the God of War), Neptune often dissolves them.

When our Martian energy is weakened we have difficulties creating our boundaries and expressing our will - this 'internalises' his energy - often then creating frustration, anger or depression (internalised anger) - playing havoc with our liver. Or we can suffer from fear and anxiety - stressing our adrenals.

Either way, as you can see - trying to suppress Mars takes its toll on you and your body.

Each person may have Mars placed in a different sign at the time of birth - the characteristics of that sign would describe how you use your Mars energy.  For example, someone with Mars in Aries (its Ruler) would be full steam ahead, out'a my way - I have things to do and I need to do them now.  Where as Mars in Pisces may have trouble getting out of bed in the morning - and as to how to direct his life, well, maybe this way or, no, maybe this way.  Then you may have Mars placed in Scorpio - you'd need to hire a detective to find out what she was doing with her energy - she won't be letting anyone know - secrets, secrets and more secrets - everything will be done in private!

It's very unusual for Mars to be 'retrograding' (apparent reverse) for so long.  He does do it each year - but not quite for so long!

So tomorrow (Oz time) March 12th, he breaks himself free from his chains, trys to focus his brain, pulls together all his resources - to begin his forward thrust - and thrust it will be, once he gets going.  It will take him a while to pick up speed, maybe a couple of weeks, while he finds his feet, or should I say V8 motor - but then watch out.

All those things you've had on hold - on hold they will no longer be!!

These last couple of weeks whilst he's been slowing down to a standstill - his energy has been intense - like bottled steam.  Don't take the lid off!  This could have been manifesting for you in different ways - frustration, anger or depression to name a few. Frustration and anger are more obvious emotions - they make themselves known.  Depression, that quite insidious emotion, that creeps up so silently, then hitting with one god almighty wallop - is often not so obvious, at first!  Depression is anger turned inward - so quietly and unobtrusively that we're often unaware anything is happening - until we find ourselves. . . . . . .where is this place???

So, no we can't blame everything on Mars, we always need to be aware of our safety, our environment and the messages from our body.
But the energy fields the planets create are strong and can be felt.

Positive ways to use Mars energy is to be active - stretch, run, jog, swim - move those limbs, stretch that body - get that blood moving.

It may also be a good time, as Mars start his new journey forward - to focus on your direction, plan out the steps required, set affirmations and fortify your strength for the next steps forward.  Those plans that have been gathering dust on the shelves for a few months - time now to give them new priority. Check your direction - which way are you focused?  Are your plans ready for implementation?  
Just as Mars has become a bit groggy and disoriented with all this change of direction - so too have we, with our plans and our forward movement.

As Mars is gathering all his mojos, we will have come up to the fresh new beginning of the Astrological year.  March 22nd - The Autumn Equinox (Spring in the north) - the sun's entry into Aries - the cycle begins once again!
So lots'a new beginnings are upon us - so get into shape, get off the couch, resurrect your motivation, re-establish your belief in yourself and get on with your plans.   NOW IS THE TIME . . . . .to get ready.

Red foods are Mars foods - 
Beetroot for your blood, bones and muscles (so needed for now)
Cherry's (if there are still some around) good for heart and circulation
Kidney beans helps clear excess heat in the system
Plums help stagnancies and depletions in the liver
Watermelon cools and moistens us
Radishes are very nourishing and help release stagnancy in the system

Both red fish and spinach are tremendously building and fortifying for the blood, tendons, tissues and muscles.

So build and fortify yourself for the next big adventure ahead.

lotsa luv


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Woodenbong Wellbeing Day

Woodenbong is hosting the annual Wellbeing Day - sponsored by Interrelate Family Centres, NSW Health North Coast Area Health Services and NSW Industry & Investments.

Many different therapies freely available  - only $5 admission which includes lunch and refreshments - now that's real Woodenbong hospitality!

An opportunity to experience the beautiful healing energies of Woodenbong and absorb the glorious mountain vistas.

You can check out place and time at following link - hope to welcome you to Woodenbong!