Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Beautiful Piscean New Moon

Dive deep for wisdom

When you wish upon a star - lotsa incredible innovative ideas come streaming down!
The New Moon - early yesterday morning was rich with inspiration and insightful messages.  There's still time to make that wish!  Usually for 3 days either side of the New Moon - the energy is plump with possiblities.

I didn't get to posting the New Moon article yesterday - as intended, as the stream of 'visions' rapid and voluminous - kept me scribbling on the page for hours upon hours.  Levels of understanding and recognition not before understood kept my hand frantically scribing.

Hopefully, you too, took advantage of the glorious stream of precious insights.

The Sun and Moon sat very snuggly with Uranus and Mercury - and for most of Oz they squatted in Pisces very own house.  The 12th house - the domain of Pisces - is rich with deeply buried wisdom, from many ages.  At certain times the access to this unique Library of ageless collective wisdom, is more easily available to us.  At other times we may be unaware of the rich resources hidden from our physical sight.

Pisces sits at the end of the Zodiac and is thus graced with access to the knowledge of all that's gone before.  But this knowledge is deep, very deep and not so easily accessed.

But at special times the doors are open and if we are aware and open we can receive the flow of information being made available.

I believe - that a Pisces Moon is such a time.

This Pisces New Moon was extra insightful due to Uranus and Mercury's strong influence.  And for most of Oz (not west coast) this grouping was in Pisces house, an added bonus.

And for all of you with strong Pisces and 12th house (Pisces house) I hope the rapid stream of personal and collective awareness, didn't overwhelm you.  It can at times.

Tied strongly and beautifully to this New Moon was Pallas Athene, The Vertex and Sth Node.  In simple language (I will attempt to decipher the code);

"A very powerful creative impulse - insightfully intelligent in it's sudden impact.
New beginnings, much inspiration unlocked for your use. 

Time for initializing new ideas - a new inner awakening.

A connection to what nurtures us - what supports and sustains us.  Our inherited past - the nurturing support (or lack of) which molded us.

The creative and intelligent wisdom deep in our psyche .

Flashes of insight.

Openings, chance meetings - turning points in our journey.

Diving deep for pearls of wisdom, quiet solitude - gathering lost information."

This collection of energy formed a gloriously diamond (grand trine) in the sky.

To keep us all grounded and attentive to our daily needs and routines - yes, you're right, dear old Saturn was present too.

He sat opposite the New Moon table, making sure we didn't completely get lost in the depths of Neptune's vast oceanic libraries.  He reminds us of 'Reality' - he doesn't let us forget about Reality.  His positioning in this chart - was focused on our day to day routines, our responsibilities and our body and health.  Dear Saturn, thank you, for ever reminding us - where would we be without you?

The weight of influence was a little stacked against him this time - the Neptune influence is strong.  But he's there all the same, to remind us to keep our feet firmly on the ground!

So - a bit late - this New Moon report - but trusting Neptune, I'm sure you felt the vibe and received the possibly subtle but heavy downpour of personal messages - just for you. Use them, this kind of help doesn't happen everyday!

It's time to step forward anew!

lotsa luv to you

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