Sunday, September 27, 2009



The 'pressure' to change
into beauty and love
continues each day

each New Moon, each new 'transit'
supports the trend
massive change on a global scale
is with us now for good!

The change is for evolution
into our loving and beautiful selves
to rid ourselves once and for all
of all the chains that bound us

we've become slaves.

Slaves to what?
you may ask
well what do you think we've become?
Slaves to who and what?
A good question

one that urgently needs answering.

So don't fight it dear friends
let go and 'let God'
allow the fresh winds of change
to refresh our brains
and the emergence of love

to awaken our hearts.

These are mighty times indeed
we're so lucky to be chosen
to be here now

Claim your birthright to be
the unique person that you are
share your gifts with others
let's make this a beautiful world

We have the capacity
there - there is no doubt
awaken, awaken,
wipe the sleep
from your eyes

Such wonder and magick
surround and encase
our very existence
here on this earth

The wonders of wonders
the miracle of all time
that we have life
we are here now
and we are gifted humans

with intelligence and the ability to choose

Use these gifts wisely
life is but short
before you know it
you will be gone

There's not unlimited time
for anyone of us
we have a contract
it will run out

So now's not the time
to squander this gift
let's arise, stand up - be counted
and offer your help

This is a call to all humans
we all need to be a part
of the evolution of the species
known as human beings

A time of all time
and we've been chosen to be here
beings of love and light
carrying a jewel of divinity

We have all we'll ever need
to be completely fulfilled
thank you to all
who have given us
this opportunity.


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