Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Poet's back in action

"It just makes my blood boil" I simmer
with the ignorance - or is it deceit -
in our world.
Do other's really act from pure & utter ignorance
and non-functioning intelligence?

Or is a more sinister motive behind?

So easy for the masses
to follow just as sheep
"He's in a high position
he must know what he's doing!"

As we tumble over the cliff.

Awaken, awaken humans
use your God given gift to 'feel'
'sense' the world around you
believe what you perceive.

We're run'nin out of time here
both personally and collectively
can we rip open our hearts -
tied in chains
a glorious beating, jewel beneath.

We're much more
than they tell us
we're infinite, magickal beings
we're created from the highest forms
of energy - that exist.

So, if you can't find the key
grab a lever to crack open those chains
that've bound you
for so long
you'll find her there
just waiting.

"I've never gone away!"

"I've always been here waiting
I knew you'd finally come
you've been looking everywhere outside
but I've been here with you
all along!"

We embrace, we cry, we dance, we kiss
eons of tears cascade down my face
the love I've searched so far and wide
It's you - you've been here
waiting for me - the whole time.


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