Monday, July 13, 2009

How far does it go back?

I took the photo of this beautiful rose on the first day of 2009 - i thought it was a beautiful symbol for the first day of the year - a year, which i sensed, could most likely have it's challenges. I'm normally a positively focused person but it did give me the 'shivers' when i glanced at the Astro chart for new years day - a lot of healing was obviously in store.

Orange is the colour of the Sacral Chakra and to me represents creativity - pure creativity - such a beautiful colour.

Only a little while ago, i noticed that the bare winter branches of the trees outside my window were budding - we are only in the second month of winter (here in Sth Oz)- so still cold, but nature's begun her rebirth - i find that simply amazing! Such enthusiasm, trust and faith in life manifests all around us. That she continues in her cycles of life with the fresh creation of new life. Boy can we ever learn from her.
In the midst of this cold, wet winters day, fresh buds are blooming - now that's a miracle!

It filled me with a sense of reverence to see those gentle buds forming - a deep sense of respect and awe at the majesty that surrounds us.

'How far does it go back' was a reference to the 'sense' of roots within me - those feelings that some things from others, in other times, have come with me into my life. I guess that can be explained in may ways - DNA, inherited traits, past life memories etc.

I see them more as energy - forms of energy - whether mental, emotional or even physical - live on. Once energy is created it lives, passing thru generations, until consciously addressed and completed.

Everything has a life process and form and when something is created, it cannot be destroyed, only altered.

So how far do i go back? I don't know, i do 'remember' things, i 'see' things that certainly are not related to now - some very long ago. What are they? I don't know. But i do sense that i carry who came before me - only for a reason - to complete the journey they began and couldn't finish.
If we don't 'complete' the journey we started - we'll leave it to those who 'inherit' it - do we want to pass on that burden?

Complete what you started with love and compassion - there is no place for fear in this life, only love and forgiveness will banish the 'yukkies' - i certainly don't want to pass on any yukkies. That takes courage, honesty and willingness to heal any misunderstandings.


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