Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Magickal World of the Flower Essences


Have you ever been captivated by the magical beauty of a flower?
Flowers also have an ‘inner’ magical beauty, which can be accessed and used for healing.

Mother Nature gives so generously of herself – she nurtures, heals and transforms. Not only does she look beautiful but her essence, her energy is potently medicinal.

Mother Nature provides abundantly.

Flower Essences gently capture the highest energy of the plant – which is contained within the flower. The flower is the communicator of the plant, communicating its unique healing gift to us.

Flower Essences use the energy channels and centres to access the body. They work primarily on the mental and emotional levels but can also work on the physical.

They are indispensable in times of crisis and change. Their nature is to bring back into balance, bringing harmony to your emotions helping you to think more clearly and see more objectively.

They work beautifully with children, as they are safe and gentle. They also work wonderfully with animals.

Flower Essences can help you through transitional times of life eg adolescence, pubity, menopause, divorce, separation, loss and illness.

A truely special gift from Mother Nature!

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