Tuesday, June 23, 2009

We are all a part

I remember Astrologer Babula saying in an Astrology class in December 2007

"The unravelling is beginning, powerful force of catastrophic change and destruction"

"Massive, massive changes and the major one is the economy"

"Jupiter in Capricorn is about ‘paying for excess’ – this is collective belt tightening – many organisations will crash and burn’.

"It’s about facing facts and rolling up our sleeves and doing what’s needed"
The sense of immense change, for me had already been happening for a few months - the ‘instincts’, the ‘voices’, the ‘visions’ were all broadcasting loud and clear.
It’s ‘interesting’ how we can so easily ignore these messages and turn to ‘reason’ and others for what’s ‘really’ happening.

I grew up in a family, which you could say, had a very strong 6th sense – Psychic, I’d call them, Mum in particular. It was a bit of a joke with us; we’d just ‘play’ with it. It seemed Mum had x-ray vision and could see through steel. But I guess wanting to be ‘normal’ (Mum was very concerned about this) we never really took it seriously. So we’d play games – never really understanding its power.
It’s my ‘belief’ that not acknowledging the ‘gift’ she had, led her to an early death. Of course I cannot ‘prove’ that. But that’s my ‘instinct’.
Dad, too, was always getting ‘flashes’ – so I guess it’s safe to surmise my brother and I got the ‘Border curse’ (as my brother later called it) too!

Why do I mention this? Because, still now, I often doubt what I ‘feel’ and ‘sense’ even coming from the family I have. I try to find ‘reason’, turn to the ‘experts’ to see what they’re saying!!!!! My god! You’d think I’d learnt by now.

I believe we all have a ‘sense’ it’s part of how we’re made. As we know, from scientific evidence – everything is made of energy. Energy vibrating at different rates – thus some forms of energy can be seen and other forms are invisible to the ‘normal’ eye. But nearly everyone can ‘feel’ energy – it’s palpable. You can feel it when you walk into a room – you can feel it when someone’s standing too close to you (ie at the teller bank) – and some people ‘feel’ when their loved ones are in need – it’s a natural function of an energetic being.

All energy has a field and we can feel that field. This may be easier for some than others. Maybe because we can’t see it, our sense becomes an ‘unconscious’ one – but we’re feeling it all the same.
So I’m giving off an energy field, you’re giving off an energy field, so too the trees, the plants, animals, planets etc. Our thoughts emit an energy field, so too, our emotions.

Too often in these modern societies we rely heavily on only that that can be ‘seen’. With recent scientific testing it’s been discovered that ‘what is being observed is effected by the observer’ – so where does that leave us? Back to what we ‘sense’ – I’d say!

We’ve almost decimated any morsel of ‘sensing’ (and sense) out of our modern ‘ways’. Maybe the horrid unconscious memories of the slaughter of those who may have believed in ‘instinct’ haunts us – so ‘no way are we going there’.

With all the wonderful study into Quantum Physics there is so much for us to hold on too, to support a so-called ‘alternative’ view.

Time for new thinking – new ways of being. Our ‘old’ ways aren’t working – that’s obvious to everyone (well most!)
So maybe we can begin by trusting our ‘sense’ – today, start with something small and see how it develops.

In Energy Medicine – an area of the body that stores ‘impressions’ is the Solar Plexus – the area around your diaphragm. Put your hand there, how does it feel? Is it saying anything to you?
Of course the whole body stores impressions – actually, in every cell. That’s why negative thoughts, emotions and environments contribute directly to illness and disease.

Did you know that you make decisions from your organs? Not your mind but your organs. It’s your organs that ‘sense’ the environment and then send a signal to the brain as to how to proceed.

The body is a highly developed, intelligent living being - a superior vehicle given to us, to fulfil our purpose here on earth.

My first introduction to the study of Wholistic Therapy was Energy Medicine. I trained and learnt how to see energy, feel it, clear it and energise it.
Even with years of experience and training I can still doubt it.
I guess doubt is a function of mind and fear. Mind is not a reliable source of information and fear is a learnt response, it doesn’t come with us (at birth), we’ve picked it up along the way.

It’s just a lack of focus, we allow ourselves to be distracted.

The body’s natural state is one of balance – it strives constantly for that. Our natural inner state is one of peace; we strive – consciously or unconsciously for that.

It’s easy to be in balance, we just need to listen, to ourself! All the information’s been provided. As a Therapist, I can only suport and assist someone to 'correct' themselves - an honour.

believe in yourself always
much love

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