Sunday, June 21, 2009

Today is a big day in the 'heavens' - the massive system of space and life above us - the Sun is shifting direction!
Such a huge mass of living matter -so crucial for our existence here on earth has slowed, stopped and is just about (3.16pm exact Adelaide/Australia time) to begin his welcomed journey in a new direction.
For us down here in Oz it means 'yahoo - summer's on the way" - a little way ahead yet, but the focus is there!
Life is a lot about 'focus' isn’t it?
With the focus of such a giant, powerful mass of matter - this surely must have an impact! Imagine the focus, commitment and effort it must take for the Sun - to slow, stop and change direction - and why? Well, from my meagre mental meandering - i'd say - for the benefit of us here on Earth. So us down here can start to get warmer and you up there need to cool for a while!
This life - such a miracle - such immense intelligence - so awe inspiring!
This incredible Earth - this awesome Universe and us magnificent Humans - enough for us to admire and investigate for eons, i would think!
So with this powerful energy occurring as i speak/write - how can i - how can you - use this gift in time to change directions in your own life? How can you muster all your focus, commitment and effort to build momentum into a new direction, one which is in sync with life and it's incredible intelligence.
Humans have been celebrating these special times - Solstices - for many a millennium, for various reasons. So how can you and i stop, refocus and move in a way in sync with life - our life and the life which surrounds us!
Another amazing opportunity we're given.

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