Friday, January 20, 2012

Reviewing Our Values

Looking at the New Moon approaching. . .in a couple of days. . . .an Aquarius New Moon in early degrees. . . so fresh and ready for change! So look out for lots of new ways of doing things in the month ahead. . . .innovation is available.

One of the major players in planetary environment at present. . .is Mars, preparing for his retrograde journey.  He's been sitting in Virgo. . .since last November, close to the Full Moon on the 11/11/11. . . so his journey is significant. Mars in Virgo, taking care of the details. . .everyone needs to be 'right' before commencing the journey.  Mars may not be too comfortable here, it's not his speed, all these details drive him mad. . . .so he could be feeling a little frustrated. . . .take care on the roads.

But before any journey. . .especially one of significance. . . .everything needs to be double checked, cleaned and polished. . . to provide the optimum environment for success and abundance.

So details, looking over the fine print. . .getting all those tools in perfect order. . . cause there's a big journey ahead, for all of us.

You see it's all perfect, if we could only see, the rhythm of life. . .we just need to get in tune.

Only hours before the Aquarius New Moon, Mars goes stationary. . . increasing his 'brooding'. . .his energy is being stopped. . .he may not be very happy with this. . .you know how Mars is. . . .all the way 'GO'.  So again take care with all you do.

Then Mars goes retrograde (backward motion) just after the New Moon. . . .his influence over this next month's cycle will be very significant.
An opportunity for us all. . .to review our 'actions'. . .what motivates us 'to do' things. . . the health of our vital energy. . .what fuels our body. . . .so yes folks more learning. . . .

Pluto is making headway into Capricorn. . .January, being Capricorns month. . .transformational energy has permeated. . .how do we respond to transformation. . . head on. . .or escaping. . . .what are our habits. . .

So all this focus on the New Moon approaching. . .which by the way, affects us all individually. . . got me thinking about Dharma. . . our individual 'purpose'.
I guess with Mars/Action and Capricorn/Building. . . and just about to enter Aquarius. . . the Human Beings and our future. . . . .it was Dharma that presented itself to be looked at!

I wrote. . . .Dharma is a powerful force. . .everyone has a gift and their need is 'to get on with it'. 

Attempting to fight this Dharma. . .causes all sorts of problems. . . physically, mentally, emotionally and environmentally.

A powerful force. . .the finger of fate. . put together by the 'Creator'. . .you need to get out there and do it.  'Playing your part' is something that has been mentioned by a few lately.

We're like an orchestra. . .each with a Divine sound. . .each with our own rhythm. . .when we play our music. . . magick happens!
You see there is such a thing as 'magick', it's happening all the time - but to allow it to come forth. . .we need to be planted firmly within ourselves.

Yes, the doubts come. . .how could they not - societies conditioning ain't been crash hot!  Our senses have been confused, with illusion and lies. . without the Heart at the centre - all will is lost.

We were created in a specific way, with Heart at the centre. . without the right co-ordinates. . .the vehicle malfunctions.  A central system was created for the body, to control it's fine motor - a sophisticated system was created.

But you see, it all depends on where it's operated from, if it goes off course - malfunctioning occurs. . .and we received distorted messages.

Then the Divine vehicle becomes confused. . .and operates in an out-of-control manner.  The BIG danger here. . .that the person is unaware of this.

'He' thinks it's him 'in control' of his doing - but with a malfunctioning software. . .'he's' way of course, without even knowing.

So how do we get back on course. . .operate as intended. . .

Only centred in Heart energy - will real life manifest.

So much depends on this.  . . .

much love to you all

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