Sunday, December 18, 2011


Well, we're on the countdown to. . . the very last days of 2011. . . .phew.w.w.w we made it!  That in itself could be the focus of this celebratory season.
Yes, it's been BIG. . . .but I guess it had to be. . had to prepare us for the year of 'Personal Power'.
The words 'came to me' while asking what kind of year 2012 will be; and it fit like a snug cap. . .the answer ringing true and accurate.

That we are still alive, breathing and doing is a miracle. . . .the miracle of all miracles. . .but especially after the many trials of 2011. . . .much gratitude can be expressed for bringing us this far on our journey.

It's been like an 'initiation' - into what. . . .well, that awaits us. . . but one thing I'm sure. . .and that is, that your own very special Personal Power will be fully formed and available to you.

It's always difficult to predict the future. . .as many moments are born till that time, every one a choice, every one destined, everyone full of Universal Life Force.  The sky above gives us some hints. . .the planets show us how they'll be operating. . .but it's only that inner voice in each and every one of us. . .that will give you a peak, lifting the curtain, ever so slightly, on your future.

Well some of us will celebrate Christmas and New Year, some of us will celebrate the Solstice. . .but intuitively we all know that a special time is occurring, a time worthy of celebration.  I like to celebrate the Solstice. . .the journey of our great Sun, he allows us life on Earth, his rays feed all life on this planet.

In the 'old' days people held in reverence, these planets that allowed us life. . . .modern times have different beliefs. . .we have choice in what we follow.
But it's obvious the role the Sun plays on this planet, our home, this Earth. . . .this glorious blue ball that dances round the Sun. . .chosen as a very special place to accommodate human beings. . . on their journey to Awakening.

Yes, we are incredible blessed to be living on this sacred planet. . .chosen by the 'Creator', nothing but the best for us Earthlings.  And we're blessed to live in the lands that we do, all so unique and special. . .all having a purpose in the grand plan, all having special gifts to share with the collective.
I live in Australia. . .a very Sacred Land, a deeply, deeply spiritual land. . . an Ancient Land. . . .with so many stories. The original caretakers, the oldest civilization on Earth.

So, the journey of the Sun is celebrated by the Solstices and Equinoxes. . .the Summer Solstice here in the south is on the 22nd December. . .for us here in the south it's the longest day of the year, a day when our exposure to the Sun is at its very maximum. . . .from this peak it begins it's change of direction, turning to face the south. . .and then by the 25th the birth of a new journey.

I love watching the Sun move across the sky, from our summer to our winter. . . every bit of garden gets a turn to be directly immersed in it's loving embrace. . . .powerful energy, Sun energy. . . it allows growth for all that's living.

For our brothers and sisters in the Northern Hemisphere. . .the 25th begins the Sun's journey to the north. . . but for each of us, it's a celebration, of the magnificent Sun's journey in our life. . . a time to stop and give thanks for his incredible contribution. . .we wouldn't be here without him.

We're having a small gathering here in the Border country of NSW. . .a place rich in Ancestral energy,. . . a time of focusing on Sun's energy. How could you celebrate this day. . . . amongst all the other festivities.

Life, as we know, is precious. . . .without, nothing would ever be possible. . . the Great Life Force keeps us here. . .but the Sun makes it physically possible.

Spend some time remembering your blessings.

And for this magnifico 2012 approaching - packed with oodles of glorious, REAL power. . .the power of love, the power of beauty, the power of clarity, the power of creativity, the power of wisdom. . . . .the power of life on this planet.

much love to you all. . . .and may the blessing continue to fall upon you

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