Monday, December 12, 2011

Organic Growth is occuring. . .

Life at Mahalia

What an amazing Eclipse. . . .an appropriate approach to the ending of 2011. . . 19 days to go until we prepare to welcome in 2012.

With Uranus. . .the harbinger of sudden change and revolution and Mercury still in retrograde. . (but starting to prepare for his forward movement). . . .the luminaries in the communication, learning and growth signs of Gemini & Sagittarius. . . .a Total Eclipse. . .a Grand Cross with Moon/Sth Node, Mars/Astraea, Nth Node/Sun and Ceres and a Yod with Moon pulling the energy of Juno and Venus .. .  . .yes all a bit Astro jargonish. . . . .TRANSFORMATION TIME IS UPON US. . .

2011 has been a doozy. . . .but a preparation time for the years that lay ahead. . .we'll need to be solid and grounded. . .with illuminated vision. . .to stand firm whilst the wild winds blow. . . .as life on Earth goes thru it's metamorphosis.

It's been a big year for many. . . so many things changing. . . on so many different levels.  But there's been a massive sense of releasing, while all that's been taking a free ride (and lunch) has been dropped off at the bus stop!  No more time for carrying unwanted baggage. . . .ah. . . .feels so much better to be lighter.

But this has had its affects. . . .body has been experiencing a number!  So many shifts in energy. . has required body to change also. . .this may have caused discomfort.

There's always one law with the body. . . you need to listen to it.
It's always communicating. . . .it doesn't have words so it communicates with sensations. . . .so.o.o.o.o important to take notice.

Was pondering my finished (for now) 'Healing' room. . . .haven't done much 'work' these last few years. . . this year body been unable to. . .body undergoing major happenings - so intense can be the transformative process.
But was visioning myself 'working' again. . . saying to person 'I cannot heal you, only you can heal yourself. . . but I can support you'

Reminded me of this reality. . .as often we seek out others to heal us.  Certainly they can assist us. . .with their skills and understanding. . .but very important that they are in harmony with our energy.

Support is crucial to a human being. . .in all areas of living.

But the healing is always a conscious allowing.

So we've all been thru big things in these last few years. . . .more is before us. . . I see 2012 as the 'Year of Personal Power'. . . .these last few years been a preparation.

So are you ready to open the door. . .with gratitude for all you've been given. . .to walk outside with head held high, a loved filled heart saturating your actions. . . .this is the time we've been waiting . . . .

But it does require the authentic you. . . the universal energies have done their bit. . .your life will always require you to steer it. . . but in the back seat all your wonderful guides and angels. . . .all your helpers.

So yes the Eclipse was a big one. . . .still downloading all that was given. . .open your eyes, your ears and your heart. . . new life is unfolding.

much love to you all

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