Friday, August 21, 2009


The vision so kindly given to me yesterday - of this magnificent New Moon - was of 'a gathering of the tribe' - and not just any tribe - this was the gathering of the Goddesses. I saw them sitting at the round table - gathered together in their separate teams. One team sat closely on one side of the table - the other team on the opposite side.

Often in Astrological terminology when two bodies sit opposite each other - this is considered a 'challenging' aspect.

This is not what i saw! In fact quite the opposite! I saw and 'felt' them 'coming together', 'joining forces', responding to the 'call' - the urgent need of 'healing'.
There was a concentrated atmosphere, a serious yet focused energy - these powerful women had travelled far and all had come together for only one reason - to heal our troubled times.

They all realized - in their incredible wisdom - that it would take them all coming together and joining forces for this 'feat' to be accomplished.

I 'saw' this before me, i heard them and felt them.

These are powerful times indeed - i don't believe i'll ever be the same after taking part in this 'vision'. It was a very powerful experience!

So much exists around us, so much love and support here and now for us - life's focus is to constantly love and support us.

Love to you all

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