Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Floating in calm waters

Learning from our friends!

I really like ducks - and i really like water - i took a whole lot of shots of ducks gliding above the water on a beautiful sunny day in the magnificent area of Nth NSW.
They (ducks) always look so relaxed as they glide across the top of the water - with the occasional dunking to get some food! They don't appear to have a worry in the world - just enjoying the day! And i enjoy the day watching them.

I'm not sure if the calm looking waters in the photo above are really symbolic of the waters on which we find ourselves at present, attempting to cross - are they calm, are they choppy or is it all just our perception?

Being an Astrologer, i can't help but feel the 'disruptive' energies from our powerful neighbours. Not disruption for its own sake - but the need to break open the destructive illusion in which we've ensconced ourselves. The energies being created by the movement of the planets in our solar system at present - particularly those of the outer planets - are major indeed. It's quite possible that what is occurring at present hasn't happened, if ever, in a very, very long time. Yes, every time is unique - but these times are beyond anything we could have imagined. Yes, they are big indeed!

So how do we steer ourselves across this rampant body of water? What tools do we have at our disposal to use? How can we assure our success?

Certain structures are obviously needed in our lives - our personal lives and our collective lives. The real purpose of any structure is to support that which it has been created for. The purpose always has to be for the continuance and safety of life - for the happiness and enjoyment of all the participants - for the evolvement and growth of all involved and for the protection of the planet on which we live and also our interplanetary neighbours.

Do our structures work in this way? Or do they work to support and nourish only 'certain parts' of the whole?

This is crunch time! It 'seems' we, as a collective here on Earth, have 'gotten away' with a lot of 'sins'. Seems we are invincible, can do whatever we like, like tyrants, with no consideration for the consequences. Gladly and sadly (for some) this time has come to an end.

This is not just gobble-gi-gook from crazy 'alternative' or 'new age' soothsayers - this is happening!

And i reckon most people, especially in the 'western culture' are 'sensing' that big changes are on the way.

Here in the west we've just become greedy - hypnotized by the capital culture to 'have more' - to 'be' someone - to show we've 'achieved' something. At what cost has this come? Most and foremost at the cost of the Earth. What have we done to her? Raped her, that's what! And we continue? Have you seen those gaping bloody holes in the earth - the barren, broken, treeless lands, the parched landscapes, the diseased vegetation and the fields, upon fields, upon fields, upon fields, upon fields, upon fields of GM brightly coloured, weed free crops - magically growing with only rain fall (pull the other leg) - all of these sites are simply heartbreaking for those with hearts.

Have you heard the Earth cry? I have and i was surprised! I thought because i had European heritage and white skin that the land didn't talk to me. But it did - i heard it's cry, it crushed my heart, i cried. 'What have they done to you?' i muttered

I wrote

I heard it speak
it said to me
"I hurt, I'm in pain
look what they've done to me"

Quite unexpected it came
a city girl i've often been
didn't expect the land to speak to me

The heart within me felt the pain
the same life sustains us both

"Oh my god!" i said

tears came to my eyes
"why have they done this to you?"

Human beings
where has our feeling gone?

Awaken, awaken
the danger time has come

Treaty. . . . .now

written in Palmwoods, Mullumbimby 1993

16yrs have passed since then - what have we learnt and what have we done in these last 16yrs - built empires, acquired massive wealth, raped the land again and again and again and again.

The danger time has really now come!!!

Time for a genuine shift in our paradigm - no more energy for the old, not without a lot of struggle - shift our direction, our focus to the birth of the new, life focused on the living.

lotsa luv to you all


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