Thursday, August 6, 2009


Today is Eclipse Time! 10.26am Adelaide time (where i sit) - and 10.56 am Eastern Oz time!
It is also the time of LAMMAS today - the 3rd cross quarter day - the midpoints of the Solstice and Equinox times. The LAMMAS point is 15 degrees Leo (my Pluto!!!! and probably a few other baby boomers!) and that's around 2pm today.

In 'old' times the cross quarter days were understood to be the most powerful energy portals of the year! The rhythm of the seasons runs deep in our bones - whether we are conscious of it or not.

So - how can i, how can you use this energy to assist with the transformation that is now pounding on our doors?

The divine intelligence, Mother Nature, works always toward balance and unity, cohesion and sustainability. Her focus is for life and regeneration.

This powerful time has been given to us to use - now - see it, feel it, use it!!
Use it to help you make the changes that now confront you - use this magickal time for healing.

Mother Nature's magick is with us always - she is powerful beyond measure - she holds, cradles and nurtures the intelligence for growth and sustainability.

It is well beyond time that we stop and listen to her! She may not remain so patient.

Have a super wonderful day - yes it may get a little intense at times - but use this intensity - take the reins of your life and direct it into the spot of your choosing. You have that power!

lots of love to you all

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