Sunday, August 9, 2009


Saturn and Mars are 'challenging' each other is the sky at present. In Astro jargon they are 'squaring' each other - at a 90 degree aspect to each other. This is a challenging aspect and is hard to ignore - it's sort of 'in your face' type vibe.

As you may or may not know, Mars has to do with action - action, action, action - and he likes his own way, he can be a wee bit forceful in his enthusiastic push ahead. He likes action and adventure - NOW! He doesn't have a lot of patience for standing around. He's got stuff to do and he's doing it.

Mars is sitting in the constellation of Gemini at present - which means, his 'action' is very mentally oriented. There's a lot going on 'up stairs' so to speak, a lot going thru the old cerebellum. Thoughts, thoughts and more thoughts - and those ideas are demanding immediate action! Some Skullcap tea might be helpful at present - at the very lease Chamomile! I'd be opting for Skullcap myself, kerpow, like air being deflated from a balloon - it relaxs almost instantly!

So why do we need to keep a rein on that overactive mentality? To protect your brain number one - and also that, oh so delicate, nervous system.

So suffice to say it's a 'heady' time. But now add Saturn to the mix! Saturn at any time can be a handful, but when he decides to get 'heavy' well god help us! He is the master of heavy! Heavy, heavy, heavy he can become. He has his good points, don't get me wrong, but when he's grumpy, he can make things very difficult.

So Saturn and Mars are in the ring and applying their full force - what can that mean? Well for a start i'd be steering clear of all or any aggro at present - don't even entertain the thought of picking a fight - no matter how teeny. Pour on the sweetness and light - the gentleness and love - make it thick. You could notice people being a little testy at present - they are! So you be the beacon of love and light - even if sometimes you wanna smash em!

What are the good things about this dance - well let me think! I'm thinking, i'm thinking - hold on!!! There's gotta be some good! Just joking, of course there is - just have to turn on my Mars in Gemini and search the greying matter of my grey matter - for them.

Found some! For a start, Mars and Saturn have to cool it a bit and see the glorious strengths in each other! My first reaction to that was 'boy! Can they really do that!' Then i thought 'of course they can, don't we live in the magick of the limitless, all pervading space of divine intelligence?' Yeah! Of course it's possible!!

So Mars is all about action, action, action and Saturn is all about 'doing it right, the first time!' It 'appears' that Saturn tries to stuff it all up by continually putting up resistance and creating obstacles - but he ain't really! He just wants and needs to have it right!! First time! No building these huge creations on sand - what a complete waste of time (which Saturn rules!) - 'cause they'll fall down and have to be rebuilt again. Saturn hates wasting time - he knows its importance. So he'll make bloody sure it's done right the first time, even if that means obstacle after obstacle, block after block, resistance after resistance.

But we've got patience, haven't we? To build our lives right? To employ the utmost care and consideration in the choice of our building materials? There is absolutely no use in complaining or getting frustrated - 'cause with Saturn there are no shortcuts! "None?" "That's right none!"

So as always - the bountiful mercy of the creator has bestowed on us the ability to choose - and we have discovered, this 'choice' creates our life. So now you have the 'facts' (from Marilyn's perspective!!!) how are you going to choose to act with Saturn by your side? If i were you, i probably wouldn't be in a hurry to do anything at present - except to be clear!

The magick of life is helping us constantly - what an impressive world we live in.

lotsa luv to you all

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