Monday, August 10, 2009


Moon in Aries for a couple of days - time for stretching, out of the gorgeous dream laden sleep of the Pisces Moon, into gettin into doin!

Was a beautiful Pisces Moon weekend - lazy, hazy days cocooned in comfort and safety - free to explore the imagination! My favourite Moon!

Well it's Monday and the Moon's full of energy, fresh into Aries - 0 degrees 42 minutes to be exact! She's gathering her strength, stretching those muscles, coming back to 'reality' (from her dream-state) and is ready, ready for action!

Moon in Aries adds extra strength to all that Mars (and Saturn) energy around at present - it could mean that the way you feel inside (Moon), your feelings and emotions are pretty much in sync with the 'general' vibe around!

I guess the energy is useful for a Monday - just take your time, don't get too overheated, spoon out dollops of kindness and streams of patience - and you should be able to get a lot done.

I haven't left the house yet - still 'trying' to hang on to my Pisces mood - let go Marilyn and get with the action.

It will be an interesting coupla days (Aries is my challenge!!).

much love

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