Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Saturn and Mars square is exact today - so all day, path of least resistance sounds a good idea! Cruise, cruise, cruise - relax, lie back put your feet up - chill out!

What lessons do they bring? Can't force anything - can't force life, we ain't that powerful! Life unfolds at it's own natural pace - it is connected to divine intelligence it knows how and what to do.

The Deva-line Flower Essence Honeysuckle would be a great ally today!

Honeysuckle 'promotes understanding of ‘natural timing’. That everything flowers in it’s own time, that forcing & grabbing only create frustration, impatience & difficulties. That life force is propelling all direction & we need to be in sync with that. Everything happens in it’s own time beautifully & effortlessly – let go, let ‘flower’'.

The Deva-line Flower Essence brochure in July archives on this site.

So have a great day and use the amazing energy given to us to learn and grow -to appreciate more and more the wondrous life we've been given.

lotsa luv to you all


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