Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Today - 18th August (Spring is on the way, yippee!!!!!!!) and we might be pulled in different directions!

The yummy, cuddly stuff - Venus and the Moon are smooching close - relaxation, pampering, 'I wanna stay home today!' - lotsa lovely emotional nurturing!

Mercury (our mental meanderings) and Saturn (our strict father) are squatting together - so our thoughts could be kinda serious and sombre - also, being that they're sitting together is one of Mercury's favourite signs Virgo, our minds could be pretty sharp and capable of stunning focus and commitment.

Mars - our essence of action and also our inner 'warrior' is not happy with Saturn and Mercury squatting together there - he wants a bit of the action - and he can get pretty pushy! 'Back off Mercury' i say, 'get your own thing happening'. And that's exactly what he/we needs to do - create his own magick with the positive energy that Mercury and Saturn together create. Much focused and solid energy is available for use! Mars has to act or he 'implodes' - we don't want that do we? So act on all that wonderfully focused and life building thought energy that's coming to you - with love and best wishes from our three friends.

Mars and Uranus are 'heading' it off! Sitting at opposite ends of the field - they have a choice - create havoc with their opposing opinions - or join their life force together to create wondrous new and innovative approaches. Uranus contributes lotsa lovely new and often 'eye opening' or should i say 'mind opening', ways of doing things - he can be a real genius, can't you Uranus? A clever fellow you are - so joining force with Mars - tremendous innovative and new energy is available for use. See, it all depends on our focus!!!

So, we are heading toward our magickal Goddess New Moon in a couple of days - it 'feels' like a real beauty!! Get out those gorgeous goddess gowns girls and do your things. Cherish and honour the incredible Goddess within and let her speak - it is time for her to come forward. This New Moon is a powerful beginning for her presence and participation in our lives.

Don't forget to set your 'intention' for this special New Moon - everything reminding us to honour and love our self.
More on the New Moon tomorrow.

lots of love to you all


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