Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Beautiful Pisces Full Moon

Full Moon in Pisces 
25th August 3.05am (east coast Oz)

My favourite Full Moon of the year. Luxuriating in the subtle, sensual, visionary energies of Pisces, illuminated by the beauty of our dear Mother Moon - in her most brilliant phase.

With the Sun recently entering Virgo and the Full Moon in Pisces - healing is now sharply in focus.
Both Chiron and Neptune sit closely with the Moon during this Full Moon - adding to the tremendous healing energy available to us.

Pisces is the end of the astrological cycle, it carries with it a sense of endings.  What needs to be let go of before the new cycle can begin?  Pisces has a deep mystical knowing, carrying the knowledge and experience of all who've been before.  Embracing Neptune's exquisitely sensitive and 'shapeless' energy, Pisces can journey into spaces and worlds unknown by others.  Bringing back creative visions and ageless understanding.  

The 12th house of the astrological chart is Pisces house.  Here we make contact with the collective, the Akashic records and the deepest level of our unconscious - where all exists and can be accessed.

Pisces carries the energy of water, so is able to change shape and form.  Is highly responsive to sound and vibration - in fact stores and carries vibrational messages.  It is fluid and responsive yet illusive and hidden.

Virgo and Pisces are partners - their focus wholeness and healing.

Wholistic healing is a process involving us all on planet Earth at present.  These times are great.  But also offer extraordinary opportunities for growth and evolvement.  Those of us watching the current Australian elections - will see this playing out right now.  New times are upon us - which is very exciting!

Both Pisces and Virgo (Moon & Sun) have extremely fine energies - needed to access their understanding.   Their focus on the finer energies of life and physical manifestations can yield much understanding and awareness.

Mars and Venus still sitting snug in Libra, our queen of 'relating', is bringing extended support for all our relationships.  Definitely prime time for getting these together - either one way or another.  Partnerships of all kinds are being shined on.  Just take a look at beautiful Venus in the western sky at dusk - she's sparkling like a diamond.

Pluto our dear lord of transformation is kindly supporting this Full Moon - allowing us to use the powerful healing energies available now to change and transform on the deepest level.  To truly heal.

The intensity of the major issues of the Cardinal Climax have eased - now's the time for getting down to work and assimilating and incorporating the massive changes that have been bubbling in our psyches. 

Obviously there's still lotsa change in the air, but maybe we have found some grounding within ourselves, a solid base on which to build our future life.

Looking at the Full Moon chart for Australia - lots of deep, psychological and emotional healing taking place.  New passionate and wholistic values, ones that serve the people, are being expressed.  Leaders for these are being sort.  A family approach - the human family, a new way of leadership - enthusiastic and intuitive, harmonious relations - as a base of operation and solid and reliable ventures offered to the people.

Tonight I just want to bathe in the beauty of our wonderful Pisces Moon and be receptive to the incredible healing energies, gracefully made available. To be open to her magickal visions, her etheral journeys into the invisible worlds. Time for a magickal mystery tour!

So whether its bathing under the Moon's rays, lighting candles, listening to music, having a special bath, or just sitting in silence - time to tune into Neptune (Pisces).

What a wonderful life, truly so many magickal moments.

Enjoy this very wonderful Full Moon.

much love


  1. i don't know if you'll ever see this, but here's some stunning zodiac artwork:

  2. beautiful artwork Stephanie - are they yours?