Thursday, August 19, 2010

Star-gazing near Julgumbungh - time for assimilating

 Time now for assimilating and re-balancing! After the gigantic ‘movement’ we’ve experienced these last few months, it’s time to incorporate all this learning. Still a mystery? Tune into your feelings and emotions, you’ll find what needs to be released and rebalanced.

{Aries}As your self awareness grows, as a unique and creative being; you’re also faced with ‘the other’. How you balance the needs of yourself and others. Your ‘public face’, your destined work has undergone much transformation of late. Assimilating your expanded uniqueness with your responsibilities to others while fulfilling your dharma here on Earth – is the work at hand!

{Taurus}There’s been lots of expansion in the more hidden areas of your psyche, likely manifesting in your body or your daily routines. What’s been happening in your day to day? Body ‘issues’ trying to get your attention? There are lessons here that need to be understood and assimilated. These ‘events’ in your life are all about you, not others. What are you learning?

{Gemini}Longed for wishes being fulfilled? Focusing on how this benefits the ‘whole’. Doorways opening to share your visions, bigger picture gets your attention. Others benefit from your efforts. Focus required, work to be done, giving form to these creations may not be easy. Major changes in your psyche, alters the way you approach unions. Your feelings have much to teach you.

{Cancer}Balancing expansion in your public life with responsibilities of family and major changes happening in your relationships - whew!! All major areas of your life are moving and changing – don’t be afraid, all this is necessary. The unchangeable is the essence of you; get to know you/yourself intimately, it will make changes easier. All that is happening is for your benefit.

{Leo}Feeling weighed down by responsibilities so near, longing to travel to distance lands? A change in scenery either physical or mental! Communications with others a bit restrictive? Longing to expand to a larger audience? ‘Issues’ arising in your daily life or your body – need to be understood. Some things to let go of, make way for the new - opportunities to create anew.

{Virgo}With growth in awareness it’s easier to see how your beliefs control what you do. A serious look at the values you keep, remember they shape what you create. There’s been easier access to what you secretly feel; values need to be consciously set. How you create has been under review, a sacred fire burning the old. Your creations need to be conscious not linked to the past.

{Libra}Responsibilities and restrictions appear to colour your approach, while a need to expand in your relationships with others. Lesson here to honour yourself whilst reaching out to a larger audience. Major stirrings, it seems in your soul, your family, your home, much internal rearranging. Who you are, how you step forward and your relationships with others all need balancing.

{Scorpio}Feeling restrictions, where do they come? Feelings of loneliness and loss pervade. Yet looking around all appears good. Growth and expansion seem apparent, then why these moods? Dig a little deeper. Early environments have created a pattern of communicating that no longer serves you. Use your perceptiveness to penetrate your depths, understand how you function.

{Sagittarius}Creative opportunities to express yourself appear unlimited, but you need to remember your responsibilities to humanity.We don’t exist in isolation, what is for one is for all, use your inspired vision to help the whole. Your inner values have extensively been screened, only what’s real has remained. Standing on fresh ground, your visions are now wholistically formed.

{Capricorn}There’s probably not much of you remaining the same, don’t despair, it’s all good news! Your home life’s expanding, good energy there and in your public life you’re being respected. See what changes when you morph within – your entire life transformed, amazing how it works. The rebuilding of you needs to now be assimilated to further enhance your foundations and life purpose.

{Aquarius}Traumatic events affecting the whole, imprint on your deepest self. Longing to help the human family where will you find the greatest learning? You long to spread your wings and fly to larger worlds but you appear restricted. Abundant energy shines in your backyard, look around, it’s nearer than you think. You can broaden your knowledge within local environs.

{Pisces}A golden light shining on your values, clear to see what’s for your benefit. Nagging restrictions, feelings of loss awaken you to your true talents. Your participation in the ‘whole’ has been under review, options burnt, others resurrected. Use your light to uncover hidden agendas, that have become a hindrance – time for releasing. Wholistic healing the only option; a new world now emerging.

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