Monday, August 30, 2010


Card of the day - "Intuition"

It's time for you to use and trust your intuition!  Do you feel like 'something' is trying to get your attention?  Something niggling you to take notice?  Could be you!  

In our modern world it can it is easy for us to become overwhelmed!  So much going on, so many trying to 'reach' us, to convince us, to sell us something!  Our modern world has given us much comfort and convenience but it can also drain us.

Everything is energy - everything vibrates, has a resonance - we 'feel' everything, whether we can see it or not.
Our focus is drawn out, mostly by necessity and then by habit - we live in an 'external' world.

With so much information in this world vying for our personal attention, it's easy to ignore or fail to acknowledge our very own insights!

Do you know what you feel and why you feel it?  Do you hear your own voice (no you're not mad!) and what you're saying?

Are synchronicities and 'so-called' coincidences popping up around you, they are powerful signs that intuition is knocking.

It's always a perfect time to seek the answers within - you'll find solutions and much valuable insight.

You have the answers to all your queries - you need to trust the voice you're hearing.

The wisdom of the ages you carry in your memory - other worlds, other dimensions.  You're more powerful than you realize, so much within your reach - turn to yourself, trust what you hear.

You intuition will allow you to see beneath the surface of all that surrounds you - a clarity of purpose.    

Your intuition is knocking loudly - time to take notice, the advice you can safely follow.

Trust what you feel, trust what you 'sense' - you know what to do - your best way forward.

Trust your own deep inner wisdom - giving to you by the creator.

much love

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