Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Star-gazing near Julgumbungh - Full Moon Eclipse

Star-Gazing near Julgumbungh with Marilyn Scott
June 26th 2010

The Full Moon eclipse on Saturday night was a spectacular sight! The energetic implications of an Eclipse are great and its effects felt for quite sometime. This one was big; energies were strong. Transformational energy abounds – how can you benefit?

(Aries) How are you moving with manifesting those visions?  Time is now for taking them before the people.  Lots of emotions may have arisen as you move forward – don’t be put off by the shadows of your ‘demons’.  Instead listen to your emotions, what are they saying – they’re reminding you of what you’re feeling. They hold the key to where you’re standing.

(Taurus) Lots of learning on the table, there’s more knowledge needed to complete your journey.  Other people, other lands broaden your horizons; your vision is expanding. Expansion and growth, new understanding open your eyes to new things around you. Your base is shifting; comfort may be disturbed, these changes necessary to fulfil your journey.

(Gemini) Deep, deep rumblings within your psyche, something is nagging to come to the surface. Emotions stirring on such a deep level, what is obstructing your emergence? Have you been hiding behind your ‘enemy’, or is it an excuse to avoid the limelight? You can’t hide forever, blaming others; it’s you who choose it. Your very self emerging from the ashes.

(Cancer) Well relationships have been in the spotlight for you, significant others, may have been stormy. Times like these start pressing buttons ‘cause much within needs transforming. When stuff starts churning deep within, our significant others reflect it back. I know it’s a bugger, that’s how it goes! You need to focus on you, your needs are first and foremost.

(Leo) Has your body been making its presence felt? What changes are required to keep it in health? Emotions are the messengers, if they’re not headed, then the body starts, and that’s more difficult. Don’t ignore the signals you’re getting, otherwise your routines will be disrupted and then the long journey back to wellness. Listen to what you’re hearing.

(Virgo) Matters of the heart, creative expressions, children suffering – all grab your attention. Your heart pulled in many directions, people are hurting, Earth is crying. Then your tears you keep well hidden, looking for love, in all the wrong places. Joy in the heart will be found, within yourself, your own pain needs addressing. Your healing hands benefit many.

(Libra) So much happening for you – your very base needs restructuring. Take care of your back, it supports you, what in your life can you depend on? All needs to be solid, on which you stand, and build your life – don’t do it on sand. Your feelings will run deep, your family and home, needed to support you in this massive growth spurt – God’s love is with you.

(Scorpio) Emphasis on communication; also your neighbours, how you relate has your focus. Your neighbourhood, your daily life, all is changing, death and rebirth. Your mind can penetrate, that we know, but presently it’s even more. Use your awareness of yourself and others, to purify and release all that is dying; your heightened awareness to communicate goodness.

(Sagittarius) Expansive visions need to be aligned with your own true values, to keep them on track. What you value is up for review – you can only build on strong foundations. If you follow your heart your path will be clear – much you can bring back, from your journeys. But utmost honesty now required for what is important to you needs to be acknowledged.

(Capricorn) With the Full Moon Eclipse in your backyard, not much escaping its momentous effects. Your very self being transformed, no more time to carry dead weight. Time to off load the dead and dying, new birth awaits, new shoots will spring forward. No need to fear, love always surrounds you – sometimes huge changes are needed to walk forward.

(Aquarius) Lots happening behind the scenes – what are you really feeling? We are all connected; emotional intensity of all the people, is very present. Difficult to disassociate the feelings from your own, all seem swirling in the same pool. Cries can be heard, wounds are bleeding, what happens to one, is felt by all. Your focus on humanity is a gift – we are grateful.

(Pisces) Hopes and wishes up for review – what is sustainable with a global perspective. Use your feelings to connect with the vision, what will benefit all of humanity. Your knowledge of wholeness, your ability to ‘see’ what is unseen can be used to direct you. Your ability to express the beauty of life, our ears need to hear those beautiful melodies. True faith you have.

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