Monday, June 21, 2010


Winter Solstice - tonight 9.30PM - East Coast Australia time.

Mid-point of the cycle
from darkness to light
our source of life energy
shares it's bounty
with all

this massive ball
stopped in its tracks
reverses direction
to shine on new lands

days will grow lighter
darkness recedes
more light present
to make those choices

what has been hidden
in shadows
not seen
light will give insight
now can take action

cannot ignore
when visibility heightened
what is uncovered
now you have access

so energy intense
as great ball of fire
stops - changes focus
we feel the trembling

we now are approaching
the Full Moon Eclipse
Venus and Vulcan
play a big part

time to detach
from all we desire
focus on the material
no longer an option

emotions will stir
louder and louder
Pluto sits with the Moon
no escape from the fire

Ceres sits too
so familiar 
with the story
sadness and loss
watching the burning

embers from ashes
begin to reshape
new form manifests
in its place

transformations abound
intensity in emotions
detachment required
to morph into newness

destiny point
also in this gathering
what is occurring
is part of our journey

the Eclipse so near
to Solstice energy
year 2010
turning point
in our history

history of the ages
cycle upon cycle
coming to an end
new world created

times so enormous
create fear or excitement
you can only be guided
by the feelings
inside you

all the real things
oh so important
foundation required
to survive the holocaust

things will fall
before your eyes
once what was yours
is not anymore

ages of sorrow
sit in the wings
influence us all
open our eyes

the vibration of life
is never destroyed
what once was
is here to be felt

our eyes cannot 'see'
the forms invisible
some can penetrate 
the illusion of 'reality'

what is reality?
to you
do you see it
is it really real
or trying to trick you

energy is consumed
by what is 'pretend'
what we see
doesn't exist

time so wasted
never to return
ticktock, ticktock,
now gone

wake up,wake up
vibrates thru the ethers
time to get up
shake off your sleepiness

thunderous sounds
drum beats intense
vibrating all life
the message is clear

she's tried to protect us
but we've gone our own way
now inevitable drama

floods and eruptions
shaking of the core
the tipping point's been reached
on dear Mother Earth

no place to hide
no place to go
this is our home
here on this Earth

day of judgment
has now arrived
where do we stand
with life or lies

time has come
to show our true colours


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