Sunday, September 18, 2011


PLUTO has turned direct

After a number of days of standing still. . .after a 5 month journey of moving backwards, this morning in the pre-dawn (east coast Oz) stillness. . . Pluto moved forward. Relief? Well the journey's not over yet. . .

Pluto has taken us, willing or not, to the depths of the underworld. . .his job to show us what we try so hard to forget. . .what we allow to lie hidden in dark crevices of our psyche. Pluto's journey can be rugged, it's not a journey we would normally volunteer for. . .he's not the most popular guy on the block. . .but he's dedicated, truly dedicated to getting the job done.

When a planet is 'Retrograde' it's energy is turned inward. . . now Pluto's energy is naturally pretty inward. . .so a double wammy, you could say. He focuses in on the deepest, deepest, hidden specks of our psyche. . . .he misses nothing. His job is renewal, death and rebirth. . .he has no time for superficial niceness. . .he represents life in it's basic structure. . .there's no pretending here.

So the last 5 months have been an exploration, often painful, of all that's been hidden from the self. . . .He stood still for a few days. . . intensifying and illuminating even more the journey that's occured. . . now as of a few hours ago. . .he's moving forward again. .

Your body could still be in shock. . .it needs much rest and nurturance. . .it's been through a lot. The job is not over yet. . .the entire physiology needs to accomodate and assimilate all this restructuring. . . be kind to yourself, it's important now.

Seek out those who love and support you. . .this is an intense time of healing. . .love yourself as you would your own newly born baby. . .a new birth has definately occured. . .and a new life is unfolding.

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