Friday, May 28, 2010


 We live in momentous times indeed!! Nothing like this before, in our living history at least!!

The sky above is ablaze with the most spectacularly dramatic,' sitting on the edge of your seat' type, drama. This is the production of the ages . . . . . once in a lifetime theatrical extravaganza!

Yes - it's big! As we continue on through our day to day lives - we will see much change before us. There will be much to let go of and much more of ourselves to discover. We have lived in a mechanized world for far too long now. . . . .the consequences of which have been, not only devastating but also threatened our entire existence. We have gone too far, thought we were smarter than we are, fooled ourselves,thought we could imitate God. Intoxicated ourselves with wealth and power, forgot our place, on what we depend - thought we would be safe, by going out to the very edge of the limb.

That we hold within us the Divine, there is no question - but it's not in our thinking, it's safely contained in our heart's recesses. Yes, we can do so much, surely we can - but only what is based in Truth, Love, Peace and Compassion. Our minds can think whatever they like - but there is a true Reality, and we can't change that.

So in these super heightened times - much will come up to confront our thinking. What will we choose, where do we place our values? What are we made of - when it really comes down to it? Will we stand for what is true and right or will we sell our souls to the 'devil'?

There are some things that don't change - and that is we're human, we have a glorious heart, filled with such precious jewels. We can love, we can be kind, we can care for each other - we need food and shelter, these things can be simple. But we've become carried away with the promises of gold - power and wealth an almighty temptation!!

So the big guys above have started their dance - it's not a light hearted jig - it's loud and thunderous. We will feel the vibration to the core of our being - we just need to remember, what and who we REALLY are - and these can never be ever taken away from us.

So be brave, be adventurous - look at things with new eyes - what needs changing in your life? Remember, when Change is around (everywhere!!!!) if you don't instigate it, it will be done for you. So always best to get in first.

Be fluid and light, move with the stream, absolutely no use in resisting these forces. They are too powerful and strong, we don't have the strength or power to resist . . . . . and also what they're doing is for the good of us all.

It's not a conspiracy - although there's enough of these in our world - but the natural world is setting about correcting our mistakes.

So hang on to your hats, secure your seat belt - we're in for a wild ride. . . .. how exciting!!!!!

love and blessings

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