Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The End of the Astrological Year

Within the last month of the Astrological Year - we find ourselves in the nebulous and watery realm of Pisces.  So if there are any big projects that need a burst of energy to get them moving - then maybe best to wait until the Equinox - March 22nd, the beginning of the Astrological New Year. The energy of Aries will then be with you, you'll be feeling a lot more energetic and roaring to go!

This is 'dreaming' month - time out month - quiet times of retreat and remembrance.  Trying to move quickly during this time could be a lot like struggling thru waist high mud - great for the thighs, but not much good for getting anywhere fast!

Added to that, Mars is still going backwards - he's now slowing down, to a standstill and then beginning his new forward push on March 12th.  It'll still take him a while to get going - trying to get his head around the new direction, for a start.  He's been feelin' a little comatosed with all this static stuff!  He's just not built for it.  So he may not be in the best of moods for a while and as he everything to do with mini or maxi 'explosions' when he's feeling a bit off -   be warned. Don't aggravate - yourself or others.  Short fuses may abound for another month yet!

The positive use of Mars - is of course ENERGY - particularly of the physical and emotional kind!  We all have been having to do some reviewing on the ways we use our energy - both outwardly and inwardly.  These lessons have been going on since before Christmas and will 'complete' around the end of March, well kind of - he'll still be in the 'shadow' period till around the 18th May.  The 'shadow' period is when a planet retraces the steps he made before going 'retro'. So he's sort'a going over the same territory, the same places he visited from 17th October 09 to December 21st, when he went retrograde. This  was also around the time of the Summer Solstice - quite a potent energetic point and one that has an influence over the following three months.

So you could say that 2010 certainly began with a strong vibration of 'energy review'.  Looking at how we all use our energy and where this has taken us.

So back to the month of Pisces - dream time!  After a couple of months of reviewing where we're taking ourselves, how we're using the fundamental and expansive creative energy we are gifted with at birth. We now find ourself in a quiet time of reflection.  It may seem we've already been doing quite a bit of that - yes, but with a slightly different focus.

The focus of Pisces energy is of the land behind the veil - the hidden worlds of unseen energies, of divine visions and sometimes utter confusion.  The timeless beauty and celestial sounds that reveal themselves to us in moments of quiet.  The creative genius in our cellular structures.  The fluids in our bodies, our moving emotions.  Our Lymphatic and Circulatory systems - do they needs some attention?  The movement in our minds - is it flowing or static, stuck on ragged rocks, ready for breaking?  Pisces comes to show us how to swim with the tides, dance to the rhythm and go with the flow.  We can access little places, when we shake off our forms, morph into vapor, uncover hidden corners. So much to discover behind wispy veils - is it real or imagined, well that's for you to decide.

Pisces carries us to lands of wonder and awe - mermaids and fairies, magick galore.  Images of beauty, angelic sounds - kindess and compassion offered to all. Healing secrets offered in flashes of intuition, wisdom of the ages available to access.

You see Pisces is the end of the cycle of life - so all things can be found there, if you're just still and quiet.  At the bottom of the ocean, it's been said he lives - Neptune, that is - the ruler of Pisces.  So it's deep in the ocean where the mysteries lie, deep, deep down - so much to discover.

But like all things - there's an approach that must be followed - sit back, relax - let the magick unfold!  You can't grab it with both hands - it will vaporize in a puff - you can't make it yours - it belongs to all.  If you make  a plunge, you'll fall on your face - let it come to you, it's wonder it will reveal.

The magick of Pisces is awesome to behold - the beauty, the divinity - the access to 'all'.  But she does have another face, as I'm sure you've known - the confusion, the sensitivity that's hard to behold.  Is it real or an illusion?  A common question in her realm - well dear ones, this you must decipher.
How can you tell if something's real?  To myself, I've asked many times - trust your gut, listen to your body - what do your instincts say?  As appearances can be deceptive - another word which describes Pisces - what you see you may not get - what is the 'vibe' that lies behind it?

So what do we need to see that's hidden from view?  The real treasures, the true diamonds - the inspiration from the gods.  How can this time of quietness be used to unfold the paths so necessary for us to walk?  What is not available to us from the things that we see, that we touch, that we taste - what is hidden from view?  

So make a time to retreat from this huge physical world, with all it's problems, bursting at the seams.  Create a sanctuary of quiet where inspiration can surface - where the voice of your intuition is not drowned out by activity.  

Is your body tired?  Do you feel weary and weak?  Remember this is a rest time - not a time to move forward.  We need to rest to assimilate all the activities of the year - and the one before that and before that and before that!  Like our body needs to digest the food that we eat, to assimilate the nutrients to supply our energy.  It takes time to assimilate and intelligent knowing, to activate the systems, to keep the car on the road.  So psychically it's the same - just on another level, we need to process our thoughts, emotions and feelings.  Just as the body breaks down without nutrients, our psychic system works the same way.

So take advantage of this dream time - step back, slow down - take a siesta, maybe a vacation.  At least spend some quiet time with yourself, however you can - listen to yourself, what are you saying?  We are the experts of ourselves, only we know, what we really want, we just need to listen.  Listen to our body, listen to our emotions, listen to the words that come out of our mouth. 

A precious time is Pisces - I may be a bit biased, as with heaps of Neptune, I just love this time.  But it takes a bit of adjusting, we're so conditioned to 'do' - it's sometimes hard slowing down, 'but I need to get on with it'.  Get on with what, do you know the way - thru the confusion we live in on this Earth?  I think it's time for us all to go deep, within ourselves and find the truth.

So have a great end of year - gather all the gems, bury the hard times so they can be made into compost. Shine those gems till they sparkle with the brilliance of divine beauty and light - shining a precious light so we can go forward.

These are special times - I guess you may have gathered - but special in good things - now back to that discovering!

lotsa luv to you all

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  1. I can see you're in your element here Marilyn! And thanks for the reminder about the 'rest time' - I was due to start my new 'career' teaching ESL at beginning of Feb but it's been put back to 29 March and I've been feeling bit peeved about it. You've reminded me that it may not be the time for that just now...janet