Tuesday, December 1, 2009

What a clever girl!

A Brilliant piece of communication on the Gemini Full Moon!

This was written by Julia Bond at Moon Circles website - i was amazed at her ingenuity and sensibility - what a simply great idea.
Maybe it can be sent to Kevin!

much love

"As I thought about this problem creatively, the solution suddenly seemed simple and elegant, a people’s bailout. There are approximately 300 million of us in the United States. For less than half a billion dollars each individual could receive one million dollars and each family could receive 2 million dollars. Yes, this sounds impossible; after all, it is a lot of money. However, remember that AIG has received nearly 185 billion dollars to date; this half of 1 billion is a drop in the bailout bucket. The people’s bailout would be, to a life raft to Americans, small business and to the economic recovery. No, it would not make sense to simply hand out millions to Americans for just any purpose; it would need to help heal the economy and be a one time bailout. We all have social security accounts into which the Treasury could deposit this money for five specific purposes – to either purchase a home or pay off an existing mortgage, to pay for a college education or pay off student loans, to pay off previously accumulated credit card debt, to start or support a small business, or to buy solar panels or other specified green improvements to a home. In this way, Americans could get a fresh start; the banks could be relieved of credit card debt, mortgage debt and student loan debt; more of us could be educated to improve our productivity in this global world; our homes could become greener lowering energy consumption; and small business could be recharged. This would be a win-win for America, Americans and the economy."

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