Monday, December 21, 2009

The Summer Solstice and Mars Retrograde

Magickal Fairy Dust for you!

Another year is ending - a new one soon beginning.  One of the last, if not the last, big celestial happening for the year is the Solstice.  For us here in the Southern Hemisphere - we celebrate the Summer Solstice - for our friends in the North - theirs is the Winter Solstice.

The Solstice -when the great Sun in our sky slows, stops and changes direction - is a significant time - a 'turning point'.

Some believe that the Solstice - which usually falls between 21st - 22nd December - was the origins of our Christmas celebrations today.
(This does not in anyway imply the insignificance of the birth of Jesus)

It does signify the importance of this time for many cultures and civilizations.  The Sun was recognised as supporting life for humans here on Earth and it's importance was respected and revered.

Many rituals were celebrated during this time.  It was considered a time of life, of renewal, of rebirth - of new beginnings.

Within our modern culture, most of us no longer honour our Sun in that manner.  Of course, many still do celebrate Solstice time - but it is not generally a part of our current rituals.

That, of course, has its implications - we have, as modern people, moved further and further away from our natural world - our basic roots.  We've forgotten how much we depend on the natural world for our survival here on Earth.  Our brains have become used to automation - we sometimes believe that we are more capable than we are.

We have grown to value 'things' rather than 'life'.  Our worlds have become unbalanced - with more and more things - giving us less and less.

Yes - we are at a major turning point.

So with the turning point of the Solstice - I have an opportunity to use this energy to stop, review and reassess my life, my direction, my understanding and my contribution.

We are all affected by the many 'energies' around us - including those of the movement of the planets - whether we are conscious of them or not.

The Sun still is a major contributor to our life here on Earth - we would not exist without him.  So at this significant 'turning point' - as our Sun slows, stops and changes direction - he offers us his energy to do the same.

Added to the highly energetic time of the Solstice is the planet Mars going 'retro' - meaning he starts to go backwards (or at least appears to do so to us here on Earth).  When a planet goes retrograde - she/he revisits previous steps, goes over old ground, goes back to visit previous bits of the journey.

Mars is travelling through the constellation of Leo at present.  Mars usually takes around 2 months to move throught a sign - but due to his extra long retrograde period this time - he will be travelling back and forth through Leo for 8 mths - that's about a record!!!

Mars began his retrograde late last night - around midnight on the 20th.  He will continue moving 'backwards' until mid March when he'll begin his forward movement again, completing his travels through Leo by June.

Mars represents action, movement, motivation and assertion and intention.  Mars doesn't 'do' backwards easily - his natural movement is to thrust himself forward with great energy and zest - he's intent on Action!

Leo loves to move too - Leo loves to create, make an impression, play and have fun.  So with the energy of Mars moving 'backwards' - then I reckon there'll be a lot more 'inner' stuff happening than 'outer'.

So we have both the Sun and Mars slowing, stopping and reversing within 24hrs - no wonder I'm feeling pooped!!!

The Sun and Mars both represent extroverted and active energy - promoting and putting self forward.

Physical energy could be low for people now - especially Leo's - they'll have an even more direct hit of 'internalization' - so who is the major star of your internal play?  Who's the director?  Who calls the shots?  Who's giving the orders?

Where am I going?  What am I doing?  Where do I want to focus my life energy?

Yes dear friends - big times are already around us - and appear to be also on the horizon for 2010.  With this extra push to review and renew during these last days of our 2009 year here on Earth - and the end year of the first decade of the 21st century.

The 'energy' of the Solstice time will colour our happenings until March next year - the next 'turning point' of the Sun - this also being the time that Mars is moving backwards.

So what is this saying - well I reckon a lot of focus on inner, personal reviewing.  A time for us all to walk back a little on our path and look at it with fresh eyes - is this the way I really want to go?  Is this what I really want to do? 

Review times are a gift - as so often we move so quickly through our lives that we become automated, unconscious, reactionary - we do, without thinking, we speak without feeling.  We forget that we have a divine consciousness and innate clarity - that we are human beings, 'made in the image of god' - and we have immense ability and potential to use our 'higher' facilities.

Religions have always reminded us that the '7 sins' will always lead us to destruction - but do we listen.
How many of these 'sins' are intertwined into our very systems - have become automatic ways of engaging.

Yes a review time is well and truely needed - a gift from the heavens.

lots of love to you all
may peace, love and the truest and greatest happiness dwell in your heart always

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