Friday, December 4, 2009

The Cardinal Climax - from where I stand

The sky's are changing!

After an intensive time of 'processing' - body manifestations and subsequent letting go's - the 'other' side seems new and unfamiliar.

'What do I know?' 'What do I believe?' 'Where do I stand?'

So the steps forward are taken with trepidation. If I open my mouth what will come out? If I put my hand to write, what will appear? A new place, a new frontier.

So often change is feared by us as uncertainty is often followed by anxiety. How can I see what I do not know? How can I trust the unseen? How can I walk where I've never been? How to I set my course?

So we sit, sit in the same chair, the same room, the same house, the same neighbourhood, the same friends, the same work, the same thoughts, the same fears - the same, same, same and we wonder why we become bored!!!

Change is as natural as the air we breathe - the cycles of life continue their motion, moving around and around. Did you know that you are not the person you were one minute ago? You aren't - many changes have already taken place in your body and the environment in which you stand. Nothing is the same - nothing is unchangeable?
We live in an illusion of security - a security of things remaining the same. Is it ponderable that life is a continual movement of creation, destruction, rebirth and evolution? A constant renewal!

And here we stand in 2009 - a time of such gynormous change, that the profound possibility exists that our home, our dear Mother Earth may in a short time be untenable!

Stymied at every turn by those whose consciousness appears still to be slumbering - the peace warriors are rebuked!

The years 2008 - 2012 are significant indeed for us and our planet. In our human history, we have not been at this point before. These are big times indeed!

The science of Astrology offers us the tools to read the 'signs' and understand the cycles of change that envelop us. The use of Astrology for these purposes has been with us for thousands of years. Many great and distinguished 'scholars' have used this science. And it is with us, still today.

More that just your familiar Sun Sign reading in the newspaper or magazine (which nearly everyone reads by the way) Astrology can be used for understanding the world around us, the trends, the possible futures and more importantly an understanding of why things are happening the way they are.

The years 2008 - 2012 have been spoken and written about by many Astrologers over many years. This time have been pointed to as one to be consciously aware of. As true awareness is needed now. No more time for stumbling in the dark, relying on others to show us the way, reneging on our own personal responsibility. Judgement day has arrived!

The 'Cardinal Climax' is something familiar to all Astrologers and many have written wonderful articles about the period of time.

'Cardinal' in Astrology is a quality - with the characteristics of enterprise, initiating action, providing leadership, forceful and dynamic!

The Cardinal signs are Capricorn, Libra, Aries and Cancer. Cardinal signs like to get things done, they are active, quick and ambitious.

The Cardinal Climax describes the nature and relationship between planets - Pluto, Uranus and Saturn - the major 'movers' of our endeavours here on Earth. Pluto and Saturn are already in a Cardinal sign - Capricorn and Uranus move there early in 2011.

The relationship between Pluto and Saturn each sitting in their space of 'liking to get things done' - is tense indeed. They are challenging each other, and each on their own is a formidable opponent! They individually carry great weight and power to influence all they touch! They are no lightweights.

Saturn is all about control - as is Pluto - you could call them both control freaks! Saturn is also about the establishment, the foundations of our creations, the old, the tried and true - Pluto, well dear Pluto is all about annihilation - but of course with the purest intention! We may need to remember that! Pluto only destroys what is no longer viable - what no longer works and what will endanger our progress ahead - so watch out world!!! 'Cause there's plenty of that around!

Pluto is intense, very, very intense - his work is deep, very, very deep - so what is rotten, forget it - it's going!

So they are both intent on making things happen - they are both dynamic and forceful - and they both sit at a turning point - a turning point in our world, in our lives here on Earth.

Then along comes Uranus - the unstoppable force of new age ideas, whose time is NOW - his sudden and shocking awakenings - his energy is electrical - he lives in the future not in the past and he guides humanities principles not little egotistical self-centred obsessions - boy oh boy are we in for a ride! He has no time for Saturn's clinging to the past and obsessing over holding on to outworn 'traditions'. Uranus and Saturn have been battling it out for over a year now - this has been a tiny peak of what lies ahead of us. Change, no, stay the same, the old, no the new, humanity, no the individual, sustainability, no, profit. . . . . . . . . . the show has begun!

The Cardinal Climax describes the energy of these two outer and one social planets challenging each other to a dual. They will sit in a T-Square alignment - a position of great challenge and possible difficulty. But, and there is always a but - great learning, great transformation is before us and available to us.

An opportunity like never before - a time to take a step, greater than we ever have - to evolve into a superior human being - one directed by clarity, true intelligence, heart awareness and superior qualities - our birth right. An opportunity to turn our world from the precipice at which it stands - to hear Mother Earth's cry and respond - because we can and we will.

These are great times indeed!

2010 is considered by some to be a year of great transition - I believe it is one to be well prepared for - create your havens where you can be safe and nurtured and as the winds blow furiously remember there is a 'reason for this madness' - this is a time of great healing. So get on board and take your part!

lotsa luv

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