Tuesday, October 13, 2009

'Bombing' of the Moon

Time to awaken!

"What kind of energy field do you find yourself in?" I asked myself last Saturday (day they 'bombed' the Moon). I was feeling weird, really weird and couldn't work out why! I felt low, depressed even, sad, anxious and a 'sense' of 'something' going on.

It was my son's birthday the day before - I had a terrible headache, felt sick and was trying to psyche myself into a cheery mood. It was my special boy's birthday and i wanted to 'be there' for him - but i felt weird.

There seemed to be a 'trail' to these feelings - like they were coming from something specific - but i didn't know what.

"My energy is incredibly low, i now have a cold, my body hurts and i feel sad - what is going on?"

Snuggled at home in my heated cave - winds and rain roar outside - i settle in for another day 'off' - doing some Astro research. I start the day in my journal "Still feeling yucky, do have a cold, sore back and this sense of 'dread' around - i'm not sure what's happening." "What is it - this yucky feeling - a bit of all the past as well - separation, loss, family, loved ones - all of this is simmering in the pot".

Not long after i turned on the computer and came across the 'Bombing of the Moon' - i hadn't seen anything about it on my news webpage - this was the first.

NASA 'bombed' - well from what i read, they were intending to use a 2 ton kinetic weapon to create a 5 km wide deep crater - reason? To find water! What ended up happening was two separate halves of a spacecraft were 'crashed' into the Moon, for a similar effect.

My first reaction? "Attempting to annihilate the emerging Feminine". As i've mentioned in previous New Moon articles, the emergence of the Divine Feminine is powerfully evident in the 'symbols' of Astrology. I see them again and again. Energies are emerging now that have been inactive for some time.

The time for the re balancing of 'power' on our Earth is potently with us now! Can you hear the call?

There have been many comments on line about this aggressive act on the Moon - one Astrologer, Michelle Lessirard wrote "As an empath you may be subtly affected by this Lunar event on an energetic level" - that resonated.

There has been much discussion on this event - most Astrologers confer that the symbolism of this event portends concerning trends.

At the time of the 'bombing' which was done on the southern edge of the Moon - symbolized by the South Node in Astrology, Mars sat with the Sth Node - Mars the god of war and the Sth Node representing karmic influences, unfinished business, things needing resolution.

The Sth Node and Mars sat at 26 degrees in the constellation of Cancer - the Sabian symbol for which is "A violent storm in a canyon filled with expensive homes" Dane Rudhyars keynote to this Sabian symbol was "A confrontation with a social upheaval demanding the reconsideration of static values". In Astrology the Nodes are associated with karma and of course Mars in his negative state is the god of war and aggression.

Uranus challenged (squared) the Moon, as did Pluto (opposed) and Saturn (squared) - sudden, traumatic loss and hardship to the mother, the nurturer.

Elsa Elsa says "The event may be a karmic gateway that really shakes things up"

The Moon stabilizes the orbit of the Earth - she's the source of the seasons, tides, the procession of the Equinoxes and all cycle of life here on Earth. She really functions like a mother - who she represents in Astrology.

The Sun and Moon in our galaxy act as a binary system - a system composed of two parts. What we do to one, absolutely effects the other. The Moon is crucial to the homeostasis of the Earth which is already pushed to the brink of instability by our unconscious ways.

So this 'old' way of operating - that we can do what we like without repercussions - is illusory at best, devastating at worst. The limitations of 'cold' science are becoming more and more obvious to us all. Humanity, the masses, are waking up 'what!!!!' they screech - this just needs to be followed with action and intent.

Life is not a machine - that mantra has been drummed now for hundreds of years - the resulting calamities surround us. We are not machines, Nature is not a machine - we are made from living matter which feels, comprehends and responds.

The energy of life vibrates with an intelligence we can hardly fathom - the magnificence of life a brilliance we can rarely perceive. Our pomposity and arrogance blind us to the reality behind the mask. We are born with wisdom and inner knowing, we can not longer pretend we do not know.

Can you see what happening around you - do you 'feel' the repercussions within - now my dear friends is the time, to stand up and speak your truth - we are running out of time!

This aggressive, unconscious act on our dear Mother Moon is incomprehensible - not just in Astrological understanding but simple practical terms. Doesn't the energy of the Moon directly effect our life here on Earth - or are some of us on different planets here?

Let us send healing rays to our dear Mother Moon and to our Sun and our Earth - all three of us intimately connected.

One comment on line from someone who 'sort' assistance with this traumatic event was told "forgive them for they know not what they do" - i could think of a few other things i could say to them too!!!!

There's heaps of interesting stuff on line regarding this event - Alien life on the Moon etc - eye opening really!

embracing the magick of the Moon and our abundant life

lotsa luv


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