Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Asteroid Is Actually A Protoplanet, Study Of First High-resolution Images Of Pallas Confirms

Asteroid Is Actually A Protoplanet, Study Of First High-resolution Images Of Pallas Confirms

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Well, well , well - good timing eh! The above article published on October 9th about our beloved Pallas Athene, who has been playing such a direct role in our current Astro environment.

It is now thought that Pallas is a 'dynamic object' not just 'a big rock made of hydrated silicate and ice'.

"That's what makes it more like a planet, the colour variation and the round shape are very important as far as understanding, is this a dynamic object or has it been exactly the same since it's been formed' Schmidt said.

"We think it's probably a dynamic object"

"It's orbit is so much different from other asteroids - it's highly inclined" Schmidt added.

This is our beloved Pallas they are talking about - the one that is gracing us with her glorious self at present. The same Pallas that has been so obviously intertwined in our last New Moons.

Is this a 'coincidence' - i think not, to quote my dear Father "there is no such thing as a coincidence" he said to me over and over again.
That this article 'appears' the same day (or close) to the 'bombing' of our Moon.

Pallas Athene is known for her brilliance - her wisdom, her sense of justice, her healing abilities and her desire to protect, particularly women and children. This is not a coincidence.

The universe, my friends, is a wonder to behold. If only scientists and Astrologers could work together - giving the 'deeper' understanding to life and nature.

Some lovely descriptions of Pallas from Demetra George's book Asteroid Goddesses;

"As the goddess of war and victory, Pallas, a master tactician and strategist, was invincible in battle. And, as protectress and guardian of Athens, Pallas used her wisdom to teach the populace how to peacefully settle disputes and uphold the law by pacific means. Ever compassionate in her wisdom, she was a firm advocate of merciful justice."

"Pallas Athene is credited with advancing the civilized influence of culture upon humanity, and her gifts are numerous. She invented the flute, the trumpet, the potters wheel, the first earthenware vases, the plough, rake and ox-yoke. As goddess of the arts and crafts, Pallas served as the patroness of artists, artisans, architects and sculptors. She instructed humanity in the trades of smithing and metal founding as well as the arts of cooking, embroidery, woolworking and taught a variety of medical practices, including the secret of regeneration through the Medusa's blood"

And now she's been 'discovered' to be 'dynamic' - not " just a big rock" - ain't that terrific?

This is significant - significant indeed - our beloved Goddesses do not abandon us - life itself does not abandon us - go Pallas!!!!

lotsa luv

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